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  • Fuel leaks from semi after wreck in Rock Island

    Posted on: 5:40 pm, April 16, 2014, by , updated on: 05:42pm, April 16, 2014

    A semi-truck crashed north of Jumer’s Casino in Rock Island causing fuel to leak from the vehicle. Before 4 p.m....
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    WQAD photo, 4-16-14
  • South Korean shipwreck survivors: Passengers told ‘don’t move’ as ship sank

    Posted on: 5:24 pm, April 16, 2014, by , updated on: 09:07pm, April 16, 2014

    Passengers aboard a sinking South Korean ferry faced a terrifying choice as the vessel rolled: obey commands barked over loudspeakers to stay in place, or don life vests and jump into the chilly ocean water.
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  • Canadians arrest a Heartbleed hacker

    Posted on: 4:59 pm, April 16, 2014, by

    Canadian mounties have arrested a teenager who, they say, used the Heartbleed Internet bug to hack into the country's tax agency.
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    Canadians arrest a Heartbleed hacker
  • QC students become part of documentary about man’s song for late wife

    Posted on: 3:38 pm, April 16, 2014, by , updated on: 06:25pm, April 16, 2014

    A Peoria man, whose love song for his wife melted the hearts of thousands, met some local middle school students who have actually become part of his story.
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    Sweet Lorraine
  • Young piano players make music for charity

    Posted on: 10:31 pm, April 13, 2014, by , updated on: 10:33pm, April 13, 2014

    Hundreds of piano players made music in Davenport for a good cause.
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  • Police find remains of seven babies at Utah home

    Posted on: 9:42 pm, April 13, 2014, by

    A 39-year-old woman in Utah is in custody, accused of murder, after authorities found the remains of seven infants at a home where she used to live.
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  • U.N. Security Council meets amid deepening Ukraine crisis

    Posted on: 9:04 pm, April 13, 2014, by

    Strong condemnations and accusations were traded Sunday night as the U.N. Security Council held an urgent, previously unscheduled meeting to discuss the worsening crisis in Ukraine.
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  • Video: Tornado near Lone Tree, Iowa

    Posted on: 8:34 pm, April 13, 2014, by , updated on: 10:47am, April 14, 2014

    A viewer caught video of a tornado near Lone Tree, Iowa.
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    Tornado near Lone Tree, Iowa 4-13-14 photo from video by Bob Thurman
  • Tornado warning for area north of QC expired

    Posted on: 7:54 pm, April 13, 2014, by , updated on: 08:19pm, April 13, 2014

    The tornado warning impacting Clinton and Jackson Counties has expired.
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  • NWS: Tornado warning expired for QC area

    Posted on: 6:10 pm, April 13, 2014, by , updated on: 06:45pm, April 13, 2014

    Portions of Johnson, Cedar, and Muscatine Counties were included in the warning. Tipton residents were urged to stay inside until 6:45 p.m.
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  • Most photographed places in the world

    Posted on: 5:30 pm, April 13, 2014, by

    The Eiffel Tower isn't the most popular place for pictures in Paris, nor is the Empire State Building the top photo destination in New York.
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    Eiffel Tower
  • Community opens their wallets for Children’s Therapy Center

    Posted on: 5:24 pm, April 13, 2014, by

    A six-hour long telethon was held at WQAD’s studios in Moline on Sunday, April 13, 2014 to benefit the therapy center. More than $201,500 was raised by donors in the QC.
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