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  • Pleasant Valley High School students hold Art Expo

    Pleasant Valley High School students showcased their artwork. Saturday, May 16, 2015 was the school’s Art Expo, which was organized by the students. They taught adult workshops and had activities for kids. At the event students showed off their favorite art pieces and gave music and theater performances. They even held a fashion show. “It’s very important to us that creativity is one of the number one things we’re teaching our students,” said art teacher Devin Hanson.  “In the society […]

  • scam alert

    Scam: Phony officers claim to have a warrant out for your arrest

    The Henry County Sheriff’s Department in Illinois is continuing to warn citizens about a money-grabbing scam. Scam victims have been contacted either by phone, email or text, with a notice that they were supposed to show up for jury duty but didn’t, and a warrant is now out for their arrest.  An offer is then made to get rid of the warrant if the scam victim pays a certain amount of money, according to the sheriff’s office’s statement about the scam. […]

  • Niabi Zoo logo

    Niabi Zoo welcomes litter of baby red wolves

    The Niabi Zoo’s family expanded after a litter of red wolf pups were born.

  • Under Armour shirt

    Under Armour yanks ‘Iwo Jima’ shirt after uproar

    The athletic apparel maker is apologizing for a t-shirt that invokes a crucial World War II battle in which thousands of Marines were killed.

  • Found possibly fallen out of the nest. Photo from Mary Ann Rasko Miller

    Photos: Even more wildlife in the QC

    From geese on the Mississippi River to white tailed deer and everything in between, wildlife can be seen in many places in the Quad Cities area.

  • WTVD

    NC teenager kicked out of prom because he wore kilt

    A North Carolina teenager was kicked out of his school prom because he wore a kilt.

  • State of the Union Delivery, 2011

    @POTUS: Barack Obama joins Twitter

    By Ashley Codianni NEW YORK (CNN) — The bear is loose… on Twitter. So, it’s official. After years of signing “-BO” at the end of @BarackObama to signal the tweets he crafted himself from an account operated by the Organizing for Action staff, the President now has his very own handle @POTUS, tweeting for the first time: “Hello, Twitter! It’s Barack. Really! Six years in, they’re finally giving me my own account.” Hello, Twitter! It's Barack. Really! Six years in, […]

  • Hillary Clinton Secretary of State portrait

    Hillary Clinton’s second wave of Iowa courtship arrives in Mason City

    More than 70% of Iowa's Democratic caucus-goers chose an alternative to Hillary Clinton in 2008, a fact her aides in the state are actively looking to address early in her 2016 run.

  • Bruce Jenner

    Kardashians’ show reveals roller coaster of Jenner’s transition

    When Bruce Jenner revealed to the world last month that he is transitioning to become a woman, he confessed that it was his stepdaughter Khloe Kardashian who was having the most difficult time.

  • Spring is in full bloom. I love the color pink!

    Share your photos: Signs of Spring

    Ready or not, spring is well on its way (more than likely you’re on the ‘ready’ end of the spectrum). Temps in mid-March emerged from the below-freezing level and into the tolerable, and even “nice” range, a sure sign of spring! Are signs of spring popping up around you? Share your photos!

  • Timothy Bontrager (Sarasota County Jail)

    Florida man falls asleep while robbing home

    A Florida man apparently fell asleep after breaking into a home over the weekend.

  • yearbook photo

    Mom says daughter with special needs excluded from yearbook

    There’s a yearbook to mark every year 21-year-old Amber Bailey has completed in the classroom in Tooele County. But this year, the special needs student is missing from her copy.


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