Jim and Denise Hnytka co-anchor “News 8 at 5”, the hour-long “News 8 at 6”, and “News 8 at 10” each weekday with Chief Meteorologist James Zahara and Sports Director Matt Randazzo.

Jim was the co-anchor of “Good Morning Quad Cities” with Julie Sisk for nine years starting in 2006. Before coming to mornings, Jim was the anchor and producer of “News 8 at 6:30” and a reporter for “News 8 at 10”. He’s also anchored the weekend broadcasts and was a reporter on the streets since he joined the WQAD News 8 team in 1995.

Jim is also the host of “The Cities”, a weekly half-hour public affairs program seen on WQPT-TV, the Quad Cities PBS station.

Before coming to the Quad Cities, Jim worked at WWMT-TV in Kalamazoo, Michigan as an anchor and reporter for six years. Prior to that, Jim was an anchor and reporter for seven years at WEAU-TV in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

He got his start in radio in 1978 at WFON-FM in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He later joined WAXX/WAYY Radio Stations in Eau Claire, Wisconsin where he would start as an overnight Country music announcer before working in the station’s radio news department as a reporter and anchor.

Jim is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire School of Journalism. He’s received numerous reporting awards from Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. His long-form reporting earned him first place awards with the Iowa Associated Press, the Iowa Broadcast News Association, and the Illinois News Broadcasters Association.

Jim was president of the Iowa Broadcast News Association (www.ibna.org) and is a past president of the Northwest Broadcast News Association which is now the Midwest Broadcast Journalists Association (http://midwestjournalists.org), an organization serving broadcast journalists in six Midwestern states.

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