Caroline joined the WQAD news team in February 2014 as a reporter.

Before her career brought her to the Quad Cities, Caroline grew up in Oak Park, IL. While she loved being so close to Chicago, her desire to experience a new atmosphere (and escape the awful winters) took her to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She reported and produced for her college news program, UT Today, and interned for the local TV station. While she worked as a waitress at local restaurants by night, and went to school during the day, Caroline also worked as a production assistant at WBIR-TV for their morning news during her last year of college.

After finishing classes, Caroline decided to change her surroundings again and completed her last college credit in the form of a second internship with KSDK News Channel Five in St. Louis, MO.

Caroline is excited to be starting her career in the Quad Cities and can’t wait to get to know the wonderful community she’s heard so much about. When she’s not in the newsroom or out on a story, Caroline enjoys running with her dog, practicing yoga, baking, going to baseball games, and spending time with her family.

If you have a story idea you would like to send Caroline, you can email her at or follow her on Twitter @WQADCaroline.

Recent Articles
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    Contract signed to bring Walmart to Rock Island

    A plan has been set in motion for Walmart to be built in Rock Island, Illinois. Mayor Dennis Pauley made the announcement at a conference Friday morning, October 2, 2015. BREAKING: RI mayor announces Walmart has signed a contract to build site in the city. @wqad — Caroline Reinwald (@WQADCaroline) October 2, 2015 The contract was signed for $4.5 million to purchase land to build the store in Rock Island.  The City Council is set to vote on the development […]

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    Rock Island Arsenal joins fight against domestic violence

    Rock Island Arsenal is raising awareness for domestic violence in the military on Friday, by holding a march across Arsenal Island. The Arsenal, Army Community Service, and the Family Advocacy Program is holding a “Join the Fight” March against Domestic Violence on Friday, at 11 a.m. on Arsenal Island. Studies show that domestic violence is significantly higher among military families than civilian families. The march will start in front of Building 110 on Rodman Avenue, then move west, collecting participants […]

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    John Deere reaches tentative agreement with United Auto Workers Union

    The United Autoworkers union and John Deere have come to a tentative agreement.

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    Illinois budget impasse impacts low-income households on LIHEAP

    Low-income households in Illinois who apply for assistance on their utility bills this year will not be receiving the same amount of money they normally would. Thursday is the first day low-income households can apply for LIHEAP, the Low Income Home Assistance Program. However, due to the Illinois budget stalemate, the funds for LIHEAP this year are lower than usual. Normally, households who qualify for LIHEAP can receive up to $950 a year in assistance, but this year those households […]

  • promo267901971

    Specialized class helps Davenport students go from average to exceptional

    A class offered at Davenport schools is taking middle of the road students and pushing them to the top. AVID, which stands for Advanced Via Individual Determination, is specially designed to prepare young students for college and future careers. “We handpick 25 to 30 students per grade level who want to go to college, but don’t necessarily have he support they need to do that. So we’re just giving them that support,” said Jessica Bishop, an AVID elective teacher. In […]

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    Possible strike looms as contract for 10,000 John Deere workers expires at midnight

    About 10,000 John Deere manufacturing worker contracts at a dozen different facilities on both sides of the river will run out Wednesday at midnight. Workers will need to decide whether or not they will continue working, or go on strike once their contracts run out. About 10,000 workers at 12 Deere facilities are covered by the current six-year agreement; the agreement expires at midnight September 30, according to John Deere spokesman Ken Golden.  Iowa locations covered by the agreement include […]

  • promo267747392

    You may not believe what this new device is pulling from Davenport’s Duck Creek

    If you’ve been on the Duck Creek Trail Parkway near Brady street lately, you’ve probably noticed a large contraption full of garbage floating in the water. That structure is a 15 to 20-foot long giant litter trap that catches debris floating down the creek’s current. It floats on top of the water and rises and falls with the changing water levels. The debris is then removed as often as need be and disposed of. “The device was installed to help […]

  • promo267465467

    Drivers warned to ‘expect the unexpected’ during harvest season

    It’s harvest time at Cinnamon Ridge Dairy Farms in Donahue, Iowa and workers there are moving as fast as they can to bring in this year’s crop. With that speed, however, needs to come something else: safety. “A lot of times we put in at least an 8 hour day, sometimes 10, 12, 14 hour days,” said John Maxwell, owner of Cinnamon Ridge Dairy. “We’re going pretty hard and we try to emphasize safety each and every day.” Thousands of […]

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    RI school district adopts budget, projects $1.4 million deficit

    Rock Island-Milan School District board members approved a budget for the 2015-2016 school year over $1-million in the red.

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    Library renovations and closures part of reality in Rock Island

    Rock Island Library trustees want your feedback on the future plan for all three of the city's branches.

  • bett y

    Bettendorf YMCA officials break ground on new, $4.5 million addition

    Bettendorf YMCA members will have a completely renovated gym to go to starting next July. Officials broke ground Monday on the 4.5 million dollar renovation project. Phase One of the project should be finished by November. Officials said they will re-purpose the current facility, build an 11,000 square foot cross-training center, and create a giant children’s play center. Phase Two of the project starts after that. Crews will build two full-sized basketball courts and a new, larger, indoor track. The […]

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    Details still vague on Walmart development in Rock Island

    Rock Island Mayor Dennis Pauley said at an event on Monday that he’s confident Walmart will come build in the city, but cannot comment any further on the matter. At a breakfast hosted by the Quad Cities Chamber, Mayor Pauley talked to business leaders about the new developments in Rock Island, including the much-anticipated Walmart project. The project has been in the works now for three years, with the city buying $15-million worth of properties around the former Watchtower Plaza […]


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