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Caroline joined the WQAD news team in February 2014 as a reporter.

Before her career brought her to the Quad Cities, Caroline grew up in Oak Park, IL. While she loved being so close to Chicago, her desire to experience a new atmosphere (and escape the awful winters) took her to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She reported and produced for her college news program, UT Today, and interned for the local TV station. While she worked as a waitress at local restaurants by night, and went to school during the day, Caroline also worked as a production assistant at WBIR-TV for their morning news during her last year of college.

After finishing classes, Caroline decided to change her surroundings again and completed her last college credit in the form of a second internship with KSDK News Channel Five in St. Louis, MO.

Caroline is excited to be starting her career in the Quad Cities and can’t wait to get to know the wonderful community she’s heard so much about. When she’s not in the newsroom or out on a story, Caroline enjoys running with her dog, practicing yoga, baking, going to baseball games, and spending time with her family.

If you have a story idea you would like to send Caroline, you can email her at caroline.reinwald@wqad.com or follow her on Twitter @WQADCaroline.

Recent Articles
  • Experts advise propane users to buy now while it’s cheap

    Fuel analysts are advising propane users to buy their gas now while prices are still low.

  • Davenport’s 5% collection of unpaid red light camera tickets is ‘pretty good’

    The red light amnesty program that was introduced on June 3, 2014 ended August 4, 2014. Read More: Davenport offers last chance with overdue red light/speed camera tickets. The City of Davenport offered the program to create an incentive for people with overdue red light/speed camera tickets to pay their fines. People could pay their $65 ticket without having to pay any additional late fees added onto it. Notices were sent in the mail to people with overdue, unpaid tickets. […]

  • Centennial Bridge closed for the next 35-days

    Centennial Bridge is now closed for repairs over the next 35-days, from August 3rd, 2014 until September 6, 2014.

  • How to safely manage your debt

    In  recent study done by the Urban Institute, 1 in 3 Americans have been reported to a collection agency for unpaid bills. At Consumer Credit of the Quad Cities, Teri Overton said people are coming in with different kinds of debt nowadays. “At one point, everybody that came in here was strictly credit cards,” said Overton.  “Now we’re seeing more collections, payday loans, and delinquent accounts.” Overton advised to not get stressed out about all the different bills that need […]

  • Galesburg teachers picket amidst contract negotiations

    About a hundred people gathered outside of Galesburg High School on Tuesday, July 29 for an informational picket put on by the Galesburg Education Association (GEA). The GEA is demanding several changes, including a 1.5% salary increase, clear definitions of their work hours, and tighter contract security when it comes to their retirement. Galesburg recently reported having a deficit of $2.7 million and they offered raising teachers salaries 2.02% in 2014 as well as a 2.06% raise in 2015. Related: […]

  • MolineHenge

    Tuesday morning sunrise predicted to be one of a kind

    If you’re an early riser, you may want to head to downtown Moline in the early morning on Tuesday. Dr. Curtis Roseman, a retired geography professor, predicts that at 5:55 a.m. on Tuesday, July 29, by looking eastbound on the west side of 5th Avenue, the sun will align perfectly between the buildings in downtown Moline. “It’s called Moline-Henge, which is a take on Stonehenge [and] Manhattan-henge,” said Roseman. “Twice a year in Manhattan, New York, they celebrate Manhattan-Henge when […]

  • Israeli teenagers bring song and dance to the Quad Cities

    A group of teenagers that have been traveling through the Midwest for the last three months came to the Quad Cities on Sunday, July 27 to perform Israeli songs and dances for a crowd at the Tri-City Jewish Center in Rock Island. The group is called the Caravan Magal and their goal is to show people in the U.S. the brighter side of Israel, different from what they see in the news. Danit Attar, the Caravan Magal’s leader, lives with […]

  • Candlelight vigil raises questions of pool safety

    A candlelight vigil was held in honor of Jazmine Roth-Hines on Saturday, who drowned at the Mount Pleasant Family Aquatic Center on July 19, 2013. Family members remembered Jazmine as a girl who always had a smile on her face. “She was my little angel,” said Jazmine’s mother, Crystal Mastropietpro. Jazmine was dropped off at the Mount Pleasant Family Aquatic Center without adult supervision. At around 6 P.M., Jazmine’s body was found at the bottom of the pool, she was […]

  • Davenport’s hot dog man serves up Chicago style dogs on National Hot Dog Day

    Dennis Kraklio, owner of Big Dogs hot dog cart in downtown Davenport, has served hot dogs for nine years and said he started the business after he retired as a truck driver. “I always thought when I retire from [truck-driving] I would sell hot dogs to people,” said Kraklio. “I never knew it would be such a fantastic business.” July 23 is National Hot Dog day, and Kraklio celebrated by serving his customers his favorite kind of hot dog, the […]

  • Toilet paper boosts local economy one roll at a time

    Here's how one item, that everyone needs, could mean big money for the local economy.

  • Why those 17-year cicadas didn’t come here

    The millions of cicadas that were predicted to return to the Quad Cities this year never showed up.

  • Doctor warns: Don’t try to make a point with those ‘hot car’ viral videos

    A local doctor is warning against adults putting themselves at risk as they try to illustrate the dangers of being inside a hot car.


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