Caroline joined the WQAD news team in February 2014 as a reporter.

Before her career brought her to the Quad Cities, Caroline grew up in Oak Park, IL. While she loved being so close to Chicago, her desire to experience a new atmosphere (and escape the awful winters) took her to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She reported and produced for her college news program, UT Today, and interned for the local TV station. While she worked as a waitress at local restaurants by night, and went to school during the day, Caroline also worked as a production assistant at WBIR-TV for their morning news during her last year of college.

After finishing classes, Caroline decided to change her surroundings again and completed her last college credit in the form of a second internship with KSDK News Channel Five in St. Louis, MO.

Caroline is excited to be starting her career in the Quad Cities and can’t wait to get to know the wonderful community she’s heard so much about. When she’s not in the newsroom or out on a story, Caroline enjoys running with her dog, practicing yoga, baking, going to baseball games, and spending time with her family.

If you have a story idea you would like to send Caroline, you can email her at or follow her on Twitter @WQADCaroline.

Recent Articles
  • North Scott students played big part in high school’s new look

    North Scott High School students played a part in designing the school’s new renovations. The building architect sat down with students for input on the designs in the cafeteria and new entryway. “We talked about what [the students] thought would look good and what we would like to see happen,” said Ashley Clark, a senior at North Scott High School. “It’s just a great opportunity. They always ask us for our opinions on everything.” “It was important to put out […]

  • Nursing shortage forces Genesis to hire from outside the U.S.

    Genesis Health System are now looking around the globe to fill their nursing positions. There are about 100-150 open registered nursing positions at Genesis and the company doesn’t have enough applicants to fill them. It’s why they’re using an international recruitment company called O’Grady Peyton International to find nurses from other countries. “We have been talking to recruits from the Philippines, Great Britain, Australia, and other countries as well,” said Ken Croken of Genesis. A report done by the Bureau […]

  • The surprising connection between Asian Carp and medical marijuana

    Schafer Fisheries is one of the companies throwing their name into the hat of businesses benefiting off medical marijuana in Illinois. The company is planning to sell carp-based fertilizer to cultivation centers across the state as a cheap, organic, and locally made product. “We were excited to have a product that is wholesome, that’s organic, that’s right out of our rivers, and that’s an invasive species,” said Brandon Wyatt, the marketing manager for Schafer Fisheries. After being introduced to the […]

  • New Miracle Field in Davenport will make sports accessible for disabled players

    Players for the Davenport Challenger League may have a new field to play on soon, specifically designed their needs. The Davenport Challenger League is for kids and adults with physical and mental disabilities. The teams normally play on fields around Davenport and Moline that aren’t completely accessible for wheelchairs or walkers. The new, all-inclusive “Miracle Field” will be completely at one-level and have a rubber surface. The estimated $1 million project is still in its early design stages, but Davenport […]

  • Friends of Davenport crash victim work to raise funeral funds

    The friends of a Davenport man killed in a car crash last week are coming together to raise money for his funeral. Police said at around 10 p.m. Sunday, August 16th, 32-year-old Michael Holcomb was traveling eastbound on the 4200 block of Rockingham Road in Davenport when he lost control of his SUV. “The vehicle slid a considerable distance before it struck a utility pole, crashed through a fence and came to rest on its roof,” said a statement from […]

  • Davenport Schools looking for volunteers to help close achievement gap

    The Davenport School District has put together an action plan to close the achievement gap between students, and they are asking the community for help. According to the Annual Achievement Report, around 200 black and Latino students in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades scored as low as 30 points lower in math and reading than their white classmates last year. “A lot of it has to do with attendance and a lot of it has to do with poverty,” […]

  • Davenport School Board presses state to resolve funding inequality

    Davenport School Board members are traveling to the state capitol on Wednesday to continue the debate on funding inequality.

  • Haitian earthquake victim travels to QC for new leg

    On Monday, volunteers donated their time and resources to fit a young Haitian girl for a new prosthetic leg. 15-year-old Joe-Verly Charles from Port-au-Prince lost part of her left leg after the Haiti earthquake in 2010. She was walking home when a concrete wall collapsed on top of her. Her family was able to get her a prosthesis then, but she’s since grown out of it. “Joe-Verly is currently having hip and knee pain because the leg she currently has […]

  • Sanders draws huge crowd to Scott County Park

    Bernie Sanders’ campaign stop at Scott County Park drew over 2,000 people on Sunday. The event originally was supposed to be held at Sander’s headquarters in Davenport but had to be moved to another location due to overwhelming popularity. “This is something I haven’t seen before with other candidates myself,” said Calvin Vo, an audience member at Sunday’s event. “I think this is the first time I’ve really felt strongly enough about someone to come out and support in a […]

  • Volunteers raise thousands for Cameron tornado victims

    A fundraiser for tornado victims in Cameron, Illinois raised over $8,000 on Saturday. It’s been nearly a month since the EF-2 tornado ripped through the small town. Concessions, baked goods, and a raffle helped raise the funds, along with several generous donations. The band Even Steven played at the event. Many of the volunteers at Saturday’s fundraiser were there from other towns. “It’s just awesome what people are doing. People are giving $50 here, $20 dollars there, it’s just awesome […]

  • Davenport school upgrades cross-check visitors with sex-offender registry

    The Davenport School District has installed a new security system that uses visitors’ I.D.’s to keep kids safe. The $54 thousand system is called Raptor. Visitors are forced to go through the secretary’s office and scan their I.D. The system then runs the information through the sex offender registry. If anything comes up, the principal is automatically notified. “It helps to know the people who are in our building, working with our kids, don’t have any issues or things that […]

  • Galesburg School District facing millions in cuts

    The Galesburg School District will have to cut $2 million from its budget, just days before the new school year is about to begin. In Monday’s School Board meeting, the School Board confirmed the district is operating under a $2.6 million deficit, a budget the district Superintendent said they can’t keep up. “We have about $11.9 million in reserve dollars that we can spend to operate the district,” said Ralph Grimm, Galesburg School District’s Superintendent. “So if we’re deficit spending […]


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