Caroline joined the WQAD news team in February 2014 as a reporter.

Before her career brought her to the Quad Cities, Caroline grew up in Oak Park, IL. While she loved being so close to Chicago, her desire to experience a new atmosphere (and escape the awful winters) took her to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She reported and produced for her college news program, UT Today, and interned for the local TV station. While she worked as a waitress at local restaurants by night, and went to school during the day, Caroline also worked as a production assistant at WBIR-TV for their morning news during her last year of college.

After finishing classes, Caroline decided to change her surroundings again and completed her last college credit in the form of a second internship with KSDK News Channel Five in St. Louis, MO.

Caroline is excited to be starting her career in the Quad Cities and can’t wait to get to know the wonderful community she’s heard so much about. When she’s not in the newsroom or out on a story, Caroline enjoys running with her dog, practicing yoga, baking, going to baseball games, and spending time with her family.

If you have a story idea you would like to send Caroline, you can email her at or follow her on Twitter @WQADCaroline.

Recent Articles
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    Brady Street Speede Shoppe closes, takes crime with it

    One area of Davenport is getting safer after a business recently closed their doors for good. The building that used to be the Brady Street Speede Mart is now boarded up and closed for good. Police and neighbors said the 24-hour business would attract crime. “People would stay out there all day, constantly,” said Jessica Woodward, a Palmer student down the street. “At 8:00 in the morning people would be out there, all throughout the night it was high traffic.” […]

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    Judge sentences Davenport child sex abuser to three life terms in prison

    A judge sentenced a former Davenport mobile home resident to three life sentences in prison on Monday. 55-year-old Melvin Thomas Lucier will serve three life sentences without parole on three counts of sexual abuse in the second degree. Police arrested Lucier in 2014 when a parent reported possible sexual abuse of his children who lived in the Patriot Mobile Home Park in west Davenport, Iowa. The complaint stated the three children were two, four and six years old. A total […]

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    New Aledo 9/11 memorial honors local war heroes

    Fourteen years after the 9/11 attacks, the Aledo community is remembering those who lost their lives. On Sunday, a dedication ceremony honored the victims of the 9/11 attacks, and Mercer County personnel who served, and gave their lives in the wars post-9/11. Over the last year, the Aledo Police Benevolent Association raised over $30,000 for the memorial now in the center of town, across the street from the Aledo VFW Post 1571. “I have lived and breathed this project for […]

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    Volunteer speedway firefighters lose home in fire; how you can help

    One volunteer Speedway Fire-Rescue (SFR) couple was left without a home after a fire destroyed their duplex last weekend. Davenport firefighters responded to a fire on the 300 block of Oak Street on Sunday, September 6, just after 6:30 p.m. The married couple living inside, Scott and Karry Bohannan, were both volunteer firefighters for SFR and were able to escape through a window. Fire crews were also able to save the couple’s dogs. Everything else in the home was lost, […]

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    School district aims to eliminate electric bill with solar power

    Morning Sun Elementary School District is using the sun to power their classrooms. The small district is made up of about 100 students, but the Superintendent said their electric bills are higher than ever. “They were going up and up, to the point where we knew we needed to do something,” said Mike Peterson, Morning Sun School District Superintendent. The district has installed solar panels on their athletic fields to power the K-6 campus. There are 92 panels in each […]

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    Direct flights from QC Aiport to D.C. to start in October

    By the end of October, people in the Quad Cities will be able to book a United Airlines flight directly to Washington D.C. In a press conference on Monday, Quad City officials announced the first, 50-passenger flight will come into the Quad City International airport on October 25, 2015 and will fly back to the capital the following day. The Chamber is under a three-year contract with United Airlines, with the federal and state government subsidizing the entire project. Paul […]

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    Family and friends honor fallen racer at Rock Island Grand Prix

    This year’s Rock Island Grand Prix was also a memorial to one of their own fallen racers. Organizers ran the Briggs LO206 Heavy class race on Sunday as the “Travis ‘Turbo’ DeVriendt Memorial Race,” in honor of long-time Quad-Cities racer Travis DeVriendt, who committed suicide on March 18, 2015. Travis’ family and friends remember him as a talented and popular person. “His talent was obvious from the very beginning,” said Tyler Schurr, Travis’ best friend. “Even before he was into […]

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    Former pageant queens gather at Milan’s final Indian Summer Fest

    This weekend is the end of an era for the Milan Indian Summer Festival. Earlier this year, officials announced 2015 would be the last year for the 58-year-old festival. “A lot of people love coming down here but we just don’t get enough volunteers to do it all, it’s a lot of work,” said Chuck VanBlair, an adviser for the Milan Indian Summer Festival. “It’s been a really good festival for 58-years but I think it’s ran its course.” To […]

  • jamie hesler tatts

    Moline mother shamed on Facebook for having tattoos

    Jamie Hesler lives in Moline with her young son. They spend most of their mornings playing and watching cartoons. Jamie’s other passion, in addition to her family, are her tattoos. “I’ve had tattoos since I was 18,” Jamie said. “I started working at a tattoo shop and they didn’t pay me, I was a volunteer, so they told me they would give me tattoos for free.” As a result, Jamie’s left arm is covered from wrist to shoulder in Pokemon […]

  • QC volunteers help Haitian earthquake victim get new prosthetic leg

    Joe-Verly Charles is learning how to walk and act like a normal teenager, thanks to the help of some volunteers here in the Quad Cities. Joe-Verly lost part of her left leg after a wall fell on her during the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Since then, she’s used a prosthetic leg improperly fit for her body. “On the old prosthesis, her foot was about 2 centimeters longer than her current one, so it was really hard for her to get over […]

  • illinois lottery

    Illinois Lottery winners get IOUs instead of cash

    Illinois Lottery jackpots of $25,000 or more are delayed as part of the state's huge budget crunch.

  • Galesburg community mourns two teen deaths at candlelight vigil Sunday

    Hundreds of people gathered Sunday night at Galesburg High School to mourn the deaths of two teenage girls over the weekend. According to a statement by the Galesburg Police Department, officers were called to the scene of an accident just after 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning near Valley View Road and West Lake Storey Road. Police said they found 17-year-old Kalee N. Pringle and 15-year-old Kylie Allen deceased inside the vehicle. Police said the car was traveling north on West Lake […]


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