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Caroline joined the WQAD news team in February 2014 as a reporter.

Before her career brought her to the Quad Cities, Caroline grew up in Oak Park, IL. While she loved being so close to Chicago, her desire to experience a new atmosphere (and escape the awful winters) took her to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She reported and produced for her college news program, UT Today, and interned for the local TV station. While she worked as a waitress at local restaurants by night, and went to school during the day, Caroline also worked as a production assistant at WBIR-TV for their morning news during her last year of college.

After finishing classes, Caroline decided to change her surroundings again and completed her last college credit in the form of a second internship with KSDK News Channel Five in St. Louis, MO.

Caroline is excited to be starting her career in the Quad Cities and can’t wait to get to know the wonderful community she’s heard so much about. When she’s not in the newsroom or out on a story, Caroline enjoys running with her dog, practicing yoga, baking, going to baseball games, and spending time with her family.

If you have a story idea you would like to send Caroline, you can email her at caroline.reinwald@wqad.com or follow her on Twitter @WQADCaroline.

Recent Articles
  • QC union president: “we will oppose every measure” on right-to-work zones

    In his speech in Decatur, Illinois on Tuesday, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner said “right-to-work zones” are a priority for his first year in office. “I want local voter control of this issue so we can have economic empowerment and employee empowerment zones,” said Rauner. Rauner said right-to-work laws would allow community leaders to decide what’s best for the workers in their area and wouldn’t force them to pay union dues in order to keep their jobs. “I believe in local […]

  • Dairy Cow

    Milk industry and local dairy farmers “Get Real”

    The milk industry is hoping to boost sales by launching a national campaign on Tuesday, called “Get Real.” To view the “Get Real” website, click here. The social media campaign is aimed at promoting milk’s health benefits and silencing its critics, including a recent study in the British Medical Journal, that claimed drinking too much milk could take years off your life. “Get Real means get real dairy products, which are very nutritious to our body, and does the body […]

  • Local seafood affected by winter storm

    Dave Serrurier at Great Midwest Seafood Company has had to change up his game plan this week, as he and the rest of the country prepares for the winter storm across the northeast. Snowfall is expected to reach over three feet overnight and will shut down cities like New York City and Boston, which is exactly where Serrurier gets his seafood shipped from. “We’ve had to change our logistics as far as where freight is coming from. Generally there’s a […]


    Visitors Bureau CEO: Bix, RAGBRAI will put QC ‘in the news now for the next 6 months’

    Just like it did in 2011, RAGBRAI is ending in Davenport, on the exact same day as the Bix7. The route was announced Saturday in Des Moines. In 2011, the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau estimated there were over 18,000 runners in the Bix7, 15,000 cyclists for RAGBRAI, and 70,000 people cheering on the two events in Davenport. It all translated to about $6 million in revenue for the Quad Cities that year, making this year’s events the highlight […]

  • Local WWII vet receives distinguished award, 69 years later

    A Rock Island Army veteran from World War II finally received the recognition he deserved on Saturday, when he was awarded the Army Air Corps Distinguished Flying Cross at a ceremony on Arsenal Island. The 95-year-old veteran, Bernard “Barney” Young, flew C-109 tankers from India to China. The planes flew over the Himalayas, or the “The Hump,” in World War II and carried thousands of gallons of aviation fuel to fighter pilots overseas. According to Army records, the survival rate […]

  • Mortgage rates at their lowest since 2013

    Mortgage rates are at their lowest since May 2013 and experts are telling people to buy or refinance now, while the market is still hot. Lenders are offering a 30-year fixed rate of 3.66 percent, which is down from the 3.8 percent of last year, and the 4.5 percent from last spring. However, experts say it’s not going to last forever. “It’s not going to last very long,” said John Cornish, Vice President and Regional Sales Manager for American Bank […]

  • Muscatine Fire Department warns against walking on frozen river

    The Muscatine Fire Department is warning people to this winter to stay off the frozen Mississippi, even if you think the ice looks thick enough to walk on. “Recently we’ve had a couple of issues of people going out onto the ice on the Mississippi river, and that’s kind of an issue for us,” said Muscatine Assistant Fire Chief, Mike Hartman. “Because of the constant flow of the current that we have in the Mississippi, and how that changes from […]

  • President Obama will propose higher investment taxes in State of the Union

    In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Obama will propose several plans that he says will boost the middle class. Some of those plans include offering a $500 tax credit to couples who both hold jobs, raising the top child care credit to $3,000, and providing two free years of community college for students who qualify. John Miller Sr., a financial adviser in Rock Island, said the President is trying to simplify the tax code and help […]

  • What to expect during the President’s State of the Union address

    In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Obama is expected to propose several programs and tax code changes he feels will help boost the middle class. White House officials confirm that in his speech, the President will talk about tax code renovations. It’s in an effort to help simplify the country’s tax code and help pay for the list of programs he hopes will help boost the middle class. Some of those programs include expanding high speed […]

  • Memorial crosses destroyed after teen dies in car accident

    Wednesday, January 14, 2015 was the first time Tracy Wunderlich had visited the place where her daughter died nearly three months ago. She arrived to find two of her daughter’s memorial crosses, hung in memory of her life, broken and scattered throughout the snow. “I’m just crushed that somebody would come out here. Right where my daughter’s life was taken, and just break her cross. It breaks my heart,” said Wunderlich. Wunderlich’s daughter, Ashley, was driving home with a friend […]

  • Power lines down after school bus wrecks in East Moline

    Live power lines were reportedly down in the street after a wreck involving a school bus in East Moline, Illinois.

  • Autopsy shows Davenport man died of gunshot to the chest

    A Davenport man's death was ruled a homicide after a roommate found his body in their home on Emerald Drive.


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