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    30th anniversary of Chicago Bears’ ultimate win

    30 years ago today, Mike Ditka led the Chicago Bears to Super Bowl 20, beating the New England Patriots 46-10. According to Ken DeCoster, a Rockford-area broadcast veteran and Bears Fan, “The Patriots jumped out to a 3-0 lead after Bears legend Walter Payton fumbled in the first quarter. Then, the Bears scored the next 46 points before the Pats scored a meaningless touchdown in the 4th quarter. Richard Dent was named the game’s MVP.” The Bears have only been […]

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    So cold, our Meteorologist has a “Get out of Work” note for viewers

    Wind chills are colder than -25 degrees across Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois this morning. So cold that many schools are starting a few hours late. Good news so the kids who have to wait at bus stops aren’t out in the dangerous cold. But for adults? No such luck. No bosses have alerted WQAD that work is starting late. But our morning weather guy, Eric Sorensen, has a solution for everyone who thinks it’s too cold to go to […]

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    Doctors say Gonorrhea could become untreatable

    Doctors say that the sexually-transmitted disease Gonorrhea may one day become untreatable. The fear is the disease is becoming resistant to antibiotics. According to an article in the Smithsonian, earlier this year an outbreak of so-called “Super Gonorrhea” in England proved resistant to azithromycin, an antibiotic that is usually administered alongside an antibiotic from the cephalosporin family. It’s important to take all antibiotics completely, even when several different medications are prescribed.

  • Chef Scott: Steak Diane

    An excellent Steak Diane recipe you can prepare at home!

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    Lee County State’s Attorney charged with DUI after crash

    Lee County, Illinois' top prosecutor found herself on the other side of the law over the weekend, accused of driving under the influence after an accident.

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    Watch the incredible finale of “Halloweek” on GMQC

    So far the complaint line is pretty quiet. And we’re kind of surprised about that too! Jonathan Ketz learned very quickly that wearing vampire teeth while reading news stories is an acquired talent. Somehow Julie Sisk kept it together while making “Witches Brew” in the Genesis Healthy Heart Kitchen. An equal combination of fright and fun on this morning had Meteorologist Eric Sorensen saying “If there’s a new cast on Good Morning Quad Cities on Monday, this is why!” Halloweek […]

  • Ryan campaigning in Ohio.

    Paul Ryan willing to serve as House Speaker, but with conditions

    Rep. Paul Ryan told House Republicans on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 he is willing to serve as speaker and will make a decision within the week -- but only if his conditions are met.


    Social media anger erupts over sold out “Pepsi Perfect”

    What started out as a love letter to fans of an adored time-travel classic may end up being a sore spot for Pepsi.

  • Official poster for the movie Star Wars The Force Awakens.

    Internet trolls call new ‘Star Wars’ movie ‘anti-white’

    The haters of the Internet have never met a target they couldn't denounce. Even "Star Wars."

  • In the 1989 film "Back to the Future II," Marty McFly traveled to Oct. 21, 2015, a future with flying cars, auto-drying clothes and shoes that lace automatically.

    What did ‘Back to the Future II’ get right?

    "Back to the Future" Day is Wednesday October 21, 2015, and fans are tallying up the 1989 film's predictions of life in the year 2015.

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    NYPD officer fatally shot in the head while chasing robbery suspect

    A police officer died after he was shot in the head while chasing a robbery suspect in New York, authorities said.

  • Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a conference Wednesday February 5, 2014 in Washington for the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America.

    Vice President Joe Biden changes story on Osama bin Laden raid

    Vice President Joe Biden offered an account Tuesday, October 20, 2015 of the decision to launch the raid that killed Osama bin Laden that differed from some of his previous retellings


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