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  • Capture

    Police officer shot and killed in Louisiana

    A Shreveport, Louisiana Police spokesman has confirmed that one of their officers has been killed in a shooting Wednesday night. Police say it started when officers responded to a call of an armed man in a home threatening a family member. When they arrived, someone opened fire, hitting an officer several times. He was rushed to the hospital where he later died. More than 70 law enforcement units, along with helicopters and drones are helping in the manhunt. In a […]

  • newiceage

    Fact or fiction: Is the earth really headed for a “mini ice age?”

    It’s making the rounds on the internet: a British scientist at the United Kingdom’s Royal Astronomical Society has run a model that predicts a “mini ice age” is coming in 15 years. Could it possibly be true? Today on “Good Morning Quad Cities,” Meteorologist Eric Sorensen chimed in with his thoughts. “2014 was the warmest year on record for the world. So far, 2015 is set to be hotter than last year. With El Niño strengthening, you can surmise that […]

  • turbine

    Wind turbine catches fire

    A wind turbine that was in the path of a damaging tornado the night before caught fire on Tuesday. According to WIFR-TV in Rockford, it happened near West Brooklyn, Illinois in Lee County. On Monday night, a powerful storm system spawned an EF-2 tornado in the area. Surface wind speeds were estimated at 130 mph. However, the wind within a tornado increases with height. The wind turbines in this area reach up several hundred feet. At that level, a tornado’s […]

  • 640x360_50225P00-OSVDX

    City of Sterling asking residents to conserve water

    The city of Sterling, hard hit by tornadoes on Monday night, is now requesting all businesses and homes connected to the city sewer system to conserve water. In a statement, the city says the waste water treatment plant has seen the flow increase from 2.5 million gallons per day to 19 million. They ask that anyone with sump pumps and roof drains to make sure they are not connected to the sanitary sewer system. The city advises to  avoid any […]

  • antilightning

    Can a Meteorologist really do his job without saying the word lightning?

    This morning, Good Morning Quad Cities Meteorologist Eric Sorensen made a promise. No, not a promise for a completely dry weekend. Instead, he promises not to use the word lightning until the end of the Stanley Cup Finals!   “It seems that every time I say the “L” word, I am cheering on the opposing team in some sort of way. So now, I will refer to these things as flashes, zingers, thundermakers, and sizzlers. Heck, it might be something that […]

  • amber_alert_reed-and-rheea-day

    Amber Alert Cancelled, Missing Children Located at Des Moines Hotel

    Officials have cancelled the Amber Alert that had been issued for two young kids taken out of their Jefferson, Iowa home.

  • mercy-arizona-600x400

    Ship strikes Pearl Harbor memorial, tours suspended indefinitely

    According to a report on military.com, a news website for the Armed Forces, a Navy hospital ship crashed into the USS Arizona memorial in Hawaii on Wednesday. A photo and report was given to the website by the wife of a sailor who reports “It went right over the dock. “You could hear the metal crunching. My husband said you could see mud and water being kicked up. It backed up to within feet of hitting the white memorial building.” […]

  • flood

    New this morning: Record flooding inundates Houston

    Central Texas is beginning to pick up the pieces after record flooding over the past 48 hours. But new this morning, Southeast Texas is under water. Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city has been inundated by high water. KTRK-TV reports that some bayous are two feet higher than record levels this morning after 10-12 inches of rain fell Monday night into Tuesday morning. Flash Flood Warnings are in effect for more than 5 million people. A “Flood Emergency” is in […]

  • Chelsea and Jessamy Torres, WISC-TV Photo

    Same sex couple files lawsuit over son’s birth certificate

    MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A married same sex couple has filed a federal lawsuit against the Wisconsin Department of Health Services saying their birth certificate form did not allow them to put both of their names down as parents. Chelsea and Jessamy Torres filed the lawsuit Wednesday in federal court in Madison. They allege that DHS refused to supply a birth certificate form that allowed both women to name themselves as parents of their son born to Chelsea Torres on […]

  • 11215083_10152876529566476_5550265896733632887_n

    Cheeseburger, hot dog, and chips, all on a bun

    UPDATE: May 20, 2015 – The Good Morning Quad Cities team got a first taste of the “All American Burger” this morning. While the burger comes in at a whopping 1,050 calories, it was a hit. Of course, it’s not something you will want to eat every day or week, but once in a great while it’s definitely a meal in itself. And it’s unanimous! Jonathan Ketz, Julie Sisk, and Eric Sorensen all give it two thumbs up. You may […]

  • ap_amtrak_train_crash_09_jc_150512_8x5_608

    Seven dead and hundreds hurt in Amtrak train crash

    (CNN) — How do all seven cars and the engine of an Amtrak train jump the rails, sending passengers, luggage, laptops and more flying? One possibility loomed over all others Wednesday: speed. Authorities haven’t said what caused the derailment of Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 in Philadelphia on Tuesday night, but Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter had harsh words for the train’s engineer. “Clearly it was reckless in terms of the driving by the engineer. There’s no way in the world […]

  • SHAQ

    Video: Shaq takes a tumble on live TV, hilarity ensues

    Shaq took quite the tumble on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” Wednesday night. His fall of the set even broke a monitor off the set and took a shoe off one of his feet! Being the showman, he and his co-hosts chuckled and enjoyed a big laugh. Luckily for Shaq, he’s in one piece and the only thing that got hurt was just a little bit of his pride.  


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