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Eric comes to WQAD after working for more than a decade leading the most-watched weather team in his hometown of Rockford. He received two Silver Dome Awards by the Illinois Broadcasters Association for excellence in weather coverage and breaking news. He has also received two Emmy nominations for weather achievement. In 2008, he led a relief effort for devastating flooding in Iowa. He coordinated private pilots who delivered supplies and food via airplane from Rockford to Eastern Iowa (since all of the bridges across the Mississippi River were closed).

He's most happy getting into the schools, teaching youngsters about severe weather. He has spoken to more than 15,000 students and looks forward to spreading the message of safety.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Meteorology from Northern Illinois University, Eric chased tornadoes and hurricanes while working at KTRE in Lufkin, Texas as the Chief Meteorologist and as the Morning Meteorologist at KLTV in Tyler, Texas.

When he's not at work, look for him kayaking area lakes and rivers. He's also fanatical about trains, planes, and the Green Bay Packers.

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Recent Articles
  • eric_blog

    How Meteorologists handled last week’s tornado outbreak

    On Thursday April 9, 2015, a significant tornado outbreak affected Eastern Iowa and Northern Illinois. While the Quad Cities was spared extreme damage, residents of Ogle and DeKalb County, Illinois weren’t as lucky. Two women died when the tornado hit Fairdale, a community of about 200 people. That tornado was rated EF-4 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, making it one of the strongest possible with winds of nearly 200 mph. Why it formed and became so intense is still unknown. […]

  • eric_blog

    Meteorologists discuss the magnitude of last week’s deadly tornadoes

    One week ago today, the most significant tornado in decades struck Northern Illinois. The videos, photos, and stories of survival have been shared around the world. But as memorial services are coming to a close and people begin the process of rebuilding homes, the event will become a part of history. Sadly in ten, twenty, or thirty years most people won’t remember all of the details. However, the whole event will live on in the minds of the Meteorologists who […]

  • New tornado shelter will be big enough for the whole town

    Last Thursday’s EF-1 tornado came very close to Donahue, Iowa. Now leaders in that community have pledged to build a new safe room, one big enough for nearly every resident in the town. The tornado shelter will be a concrete bunker, built on the north side of John Glenn Elementary School, right next to the gymnasium. It will hold up to 312 people for two hours in case of a worst-case scenario. According to the 2010 census, less than 350 […]

  • fire

    2 reasons the fire danger will go up today

    Weather conditions will not be favorable for any burning today. Extremely low humidity levels and increasing wind will cause a high fire danger. A Red Flag Fire Warning is in effect for Southwestern Wisconsin, where conditions will be even worse! Please do not do any burning, as it won’t take much for any fires to quickly go out of control. Humidity levels will come up as we head into Thursday and Friday, so if you need to do some burning […]

  • ef

    One photo will change your mind about rivers offering tornado safety

    Tornadoes touched down across Eastern Iowa and Northern Illinois on Thursday, causing significant damage and at least one fatality in Fairdale, Illinois. News 8 tracked a tornadic supercell that overturned semi trucks along I-80 and US-61 during the evening rush hour. As the storm moved through Donahue, Iowa, the tornado was confirmed on the ground. The storm tracked east and moved toward the Mississippi River Valley. As it descended the valley, a multi-vortex tornado was reported by a stormchaser near […]

  • ef

    The next step: determine the strength of the tornadoes

    Meteorologists with the National Weather Service offices in Davenport/Quad Cities and Romeoville/Chicago will conduct damage surveys today. Our local teams will determine whether the damage reported in Northern Scott County was caused by straight-line wind or whether it was a tornado. If the survey concludes that it was a tornado, an estimation of the wind speed will be given. Three teams of Meteorologists will head into Northern Illinois, where a wedge tornado estimated at near one mile in width destroyed […]

  • Capture

    The Eric Factor: Why you need to leave the chasing to the professionals

    This morning, we’re showing the unfortunate situation one stormchaser got into when he/she drove into a hailstorm on Wednesday. A stormchaser in Kansas saw his/her windshield get shattered by very large hail after being in the wrong place at the wrong time. While it’s not immediately known who this was, I can tell you that this person is not very experienced. And there are a few reasons for this observation. First and foremost, experienced stormchasers stay away from the hailcore […]

  • eric_blog

    The Eric Factor: We don’t need your tornado pictures, we need you to be safe.

    Severe weather season is upon us. In the coming weeks and months, dangerous weather will move through our part of the World as the Spring season warms up. But all too often, when the sirens sound for a “Tornado Warning,” it is seen as a time to grab the camera and go outside. I’m not making light of the situation, just stating the facts. I cherish each and every one of you, but you need to heed the warnings when […]

  • tornado

    8 things you need to know to be safe this season

    As severe weather season ramps up, it’s important to go over this severe weather “refresher course.” There are 8 different weather bulletins everyone should know the definition of. Let’s start off with the easiest one 1. Severe Storm Risk: Our team of Meteorologists, as well as folks at the National Weather Service and Storm Prediction Center, will let you when to expect severe weather. However, it’s important to know that in April and May, severe weather is most likely to […]

  • jnc73(1)

    Rumble on the New Madrid Fault Wednesday Night

    Shortly before 11pm local time Wednesday night, an earthquake occurred along the New Madrid Fault Zone in far southeastern Missouri. The epicenter of the quake was near Steele, Missouri. Nearby cities include Blytheville, Arkansas and  Hayti-Caruthersville, Missouri. The USGS reports it as a magnitude 4.0, occurring about 11 miles below the surface of the Earth. KFVS-TV in nearby Cape Girardeau, Missouri reports it being felt as far away as Carbondale, Illinois. People on the station’s Facebook page report feeling the […]

  • cubs

    You won’t believe what this Illinois museum will give away if the Cubs win the World Series

    It hasn’t happened since 1980, but if this is the year for the Cubs to win the World Series one lucky museum visitor will win their own time machine! In the 1989 movie Back to the Future Part II, Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, traveled to the year 2015. Seen flashing on a billboard: “Cubs Win the World Series.” This year the Volo Auto Museum in Lake County, Illinois decided to put their 1981 Delorean time machine on […]

  • lightning3

    Truth or April Fools: Lightning will cause your grass to turn green

    It may seem like an impossible connection: lightning causes green grass. But this is no April Fool’s Joke! Think back to 5th Grade for a moment. You probably remember hearing about the Water Cycle. You know, that’s where clouds produce rain, rain flows into creeks, streams, rivers, and oceans. The water evaporates from the oceans and forms clouds which produce rain. There’s also a Nitrogen Cycle. And nitrogen is an essential to the growth of healthy plants. Here’s how it […]


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