Eric brings sixteen years of weather experience to the mornings at WQAD. He received two Silver Dome Awards by the Illinois Broadcasters Association for excellence in weather coverage and breaking news. He has also received two Emmy nominations for weather achievement.

In 2008, he led a relief effort for devastating flooding in Iowa. He coordinated private pilots who delivered donated food and supplies via airplane from his hometown of Rockford, Illinois to Eastern Iowa (since all of the bridges across the Mississippi River were closed).

He’s most happy getting into the schools, teaching youngsters about severe weather. He has spoken to more than 15,000 students in his career and looks forward to spreading the message of weather safety.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Meteorology from Northern Illinois University, Eric chased tornadoes and hurricanes while working at KTRE in Lufkin, Texas as the Chief Meteorologist and as the Morning Meteorologist at KLTV in Tyler, Texas. For more than a decade, he worked at the station his family watched as a kid, leading weather duties for the most-watched news station in Rockford.

When he’s not at work, look for him kayaking area lakes and rivers. He’s also fanatical about trains, planes, and the Green Bay Packers.

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  • dry2

    Rain chances remain slim as deficit gets worse

    It’s not secret, we’ve been dry as of late. In fact, we haven’t received any widespread rainfall in October. Going back to the beginning of September, we’ve only had about three inches of rainfall and most of that happened all at once! While the dry weather has been good for the Fall harvest, we really need to get back to normal before we freeze the ground in the next 8 weeks. Once the ground freezes, it’s impossible to make up […]

  • sunburn

    Why it’s harder to get a sunburn this time of year

    While it’s always a good idea to slap on sunscreen to shield yourself from the harmful UV rays, the sun is getting weaker and weaker this time of year. Believe it or not, the sun’s strength here in October is equal to the latter part of Winter! So you’ve got the same chance of getting a sunburn as when you’ll be hitting the slopes in March. So why is it warmer now than it is in March? Simply put, we’re […]

  • iowa

    Big difference in harvest numbers from Iowa to Illinois

    Recent dry weather in the Upper Midwest is good news for interests in agriculture. The Fall harvest is in full swing here in early October now that the crops have sufficiently dried out. Numbers in from the USDA show that 50% of the corn is harvested in Illinois. On average, only 31% should be in. 49% of the soybean crop is in right now compared to the average of 28% normally in. In Iowa, only 13% of the corn crop […]

  • This man, legally named Santa Claus, is running for city council of North Pole, Alaska. This photo from his Facebook page

    No really, Santa Claus is running for city council seat in North Pole, Alaska

    You’d think Santa Claus would be gearing up for Christmas preps this time of year. But a real-life Santa in Alaska is running for city council. On his Facebook page, he writes “To my friends in North Pole, Alaska: This Tuesday, please write me in on your election ballot and vote for me for North Pole City Council at North Pole City Hall. Thank you :-)” The village of North Pole is just southeast of Fairbanks and has a population […]

  • hurricane

    Hurricane Joaquin could threaten U.S. Mainland; will affect our weather

    This morning, the National Hurricane Center officially classified Tropical Storm Joaquin as a hurricane. It is currently located east of the Bahamas, drifting southwest. Top sustained winds are 75 m.p.h. with gusts to 90. The system is expected to drift today and eventually turn to the right and accelerate toward the Mid-Atlantic coast late in the weekend. One thing I have to point out is that larger systems tend to have a harder time making sharp turns like what’s forecast. […]

  • 12037958_10154254430199167_5329892982169399259_n

    Best things to ask on “Ask a Stupid Question Day”

    Good morning and welcome to “Ask a Stupid Question Day.” For some people, like myself, the holiday lasts all year. Rumor has it, the holiday is celebrated most by students and teachers. In a Facebook post, Mike Workman of the University of Texas, says the default date is September 28, in practice it is usually observed on the last school day of September. Here are some of our favorites: Why don’t they make mouse flavored cat food? Why does only […]

  • Capture

    Get ready for temps to go from the 80s to the 30s!

    Today will be the last day of our Summertime warmth. For more than 7 days, we’ve had temperatures well above normal. 70s and 80s have been widespread with some heat index values going into the middle 80s. Today will be no different as we will get to 82 this afternoon. A cold front will sweep through the area tonight. After midnight, some rain will work through the area. The rain won’t last too long, probably only 4-5 hours. Then we’re […]

  • eric_blog2

    The Eric Factor: Remembering the guy who stood up for me

    Every few days for the past several months, I’ve looked forward to the positive updates and progress from my High School friend Michael Stoll. He has been battling cancer for several months, enduring some unbelievable pain while undergoing treatment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Family and friends always offered hope, even though his Facebook posts were often dire. Thursday morning, instead of seeing an update from him, I saw something different. Another High School friend posted how sad she was […]

  • 12027720_10154244207239167_2982178899861130787_n

    Genesis Healthy Heart Kitchen: Building the Best Burrito

    We’re going south of the border this morning in the Genesis Healthy Heart Kitchen. Chef Toby from Woodfire Grill and Ken Croken from the Genesis Healthy Heart Kitchen say that salt is key! …or lack thereof. Our goal today is to control the salt. Replacing the salt with a little heat is just the trick. And with enough flavor, you won’t need any cheese! Here’s how to do it: Ingredients 2 lbs. boneless skinless chicken breast 1 cup low sodium […]

  • 3

    The worst part of ragweed season is here!

    If you’re sniffling and sneezing this time of year, chances are you’re allergic to ragweed. Ragweed blooms in August and September and is worst right around the middle to late September. According to WebMD, 55% of the U.S. population tests positive to one or more ragweed allergens. Ragweed won’t die out completely until we get a frost. Typically, that occurs in the Quad City region in the first few weeks of October. Until then, more itchy eyes and sneezes. The […]

  • parhelion

    What made a halo appear as Pope Francis left the U.S. Capitol

    An interesting phenomenon appeared in the sky above the U.S. capitol as Pope Francis came out of the building.

  • Capture

    Nobody would pay $12 for an old hygrometer until a weatherman walked in

    It’s a pastime of mine going through old junk stores in search of “buried treasure.” I’m not smart enough to make money off anything, but sometimes I come across some cool stuff. This past weekend in Janesville, Wisconsin I noticed a hygrometer sitting on a shelf. Low and behold, it was $12! For most people, that’s probably eleven bucks too much for a hygrometer, but to me it’s worth its weight in gold. This morning on Good Morning Quad Cities, […]


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