John David is a reporter with News 8 logging more than a quarter-century of covering television news on a daily basis in the Quad Cities. He spent most of that time at WQAD, where he began as a reporter and weather anchor in 1989.

During the past decade, John is perhaps best known for reporting on the rise and fall of American manufacturing and its toll on the workforce.

His documentary, “Where Did The Jobs Go?”, chronicled the aftermath of Maytag’s plant closing in Galesburg, Illinois. Shot on location in Mexico and the United States, it received the 2006 Regional RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award for News Documentary. It also received the Eric Sevareid Award from the Northwest Broadcast News Association for a First Place Documentary. The Iowa Associated Press presented a First Place Award for Best Documentary as well.

John followed that extensive project with an in-depth look at health care. “Is Universal Health Care The Cure?” was shot on location in Canada and the United States. The 2005 documentary was revised and broadcast again in 2007 after segments continued to be a hotly-searched topic on

John spent several years on the beat in Galesburg, Illinois. In 2007, Galesburg Works presented him with an award for compassionate reporting.

John David grew up in Southern California, where he began his broadcasting career at age 16 for KCSN-FM. He graduated cum laude from Occidental College in Los Angeles with degrees in Politcal Science and Theater Arts and Rhetoric. He received his MSJ in Broadcast Journalism with distinction from Northwestern University in 1984.

Prior to his arrival at WQAD, John spent more than four years at KWQC-TV in Davenport as a reporter, weather anchor and co-host of “5 PM Live”.

John and his wife, Joyce, a seasoned broadcast and print journalist herself, live in Davenport. They enjoy their garden, travel and cheering on the Dodgers and Cardinals (not necessarily in that order).

Recent Articles
  • WQAD photo by John David

    Davenport to celebrate turnaround at Goose Creek Heights

    Davenport neighbors and city officials will celebrate a remarkable turnaround in Goose Creek Heights. The Monday morning get-together will reflect on a decade of change. It will also show how teamwork and hard work can revive a community. Hands-on work symbolizes a new era at Summer Ridge Apartments. “It’s changed,” said owner Paul Forkeotes.  “It’s a pleasant place to be.” The buildings on Davenport’s West 65th Street used to be part of a tough neighborhood. But Forkeotes spent eight years […]

  • promo269813895

    Local pastors hope this sticker initiative will take steps to help save lives

    Two local ministers are stepping into action to promote safety at traffic stops. They call it, The Village of a Thousand Elders. Their advice could save lives. A recent presentation to Moline Police is producing results. Just days after the talk, the wristband urging, “Don’t Assume, Verify,” is put into action. “Traffic stops are a very dangerous situation,” said Captain John Reynolds, East Moline Police Department.  “You just never know what’s going to happen.” As Moline Police make a routine […]

  • Zimmerman in Rock Island (WQAD Photo by John David)

    Vacant Rock Island dealership goes from cars to community

    Rock Island is finding new uses for an old building. The former Zimmerman Honda will become Zimmerman Lofts. The $11.6 million project will create more downtown housing and businesses. After sitting empty for three years on 5th Avenue, the project enhances long-range city plans. “It’s all about the strength of creating that downtown neighborhood,” said Brian Hollenback, president of Renaissance Rock Island.  “It’s creating that sense of place and a destination.” There’s space for two businesses on the ground floor. […]

  • promo269642167

    Moline wants to spark downtown projects by extending tax incentives

    The clock is ticking for the Chase Building in Moline. Its tax incentives will expire in six years. “There’s only a couple tenants left in that building,” said Moline’s Planning and Development Director Ray Forsythe.  “The value is low.” The building even dropped a million dollars in value since 1986. While developers want to create executive housing and apartments there, they also want extended perks to seal the deal. “There’s no way that we could create any sort of incentive […]

  • WQAD photo by John David,  10-19-15

    Bustos calls to ease credit restrictions for Cuban crop purchases

    Longtime obstacles are holding up progress for Illinois to sell crops and farm equipment to Cuba. That’s as some travel, diplomatic and trade restrictions begin to ease between the U.S. and Cuba. There’s cash in the corn at Big River Resources in Taylor Ridge, Illinois. The grain elevator serves two regional ethanol plants. One day, it could also be exporting ethanol to Cuba. “The Cubans are open to doing business with us, but we’ve got to make this easier,” said […]

  • WQAD photo by John David

    New citizen and WIU professor weighs in on immigration reform

    These are America’s newest citizens on Friday morning in Rock Island. “I’d like to congratulate you all on the end to a great journey,” said Col. Elmer Speights, the garrison commander of the Rock Island Arsenal. The 28 men and women come from 13 different countries. “I wanted to go to the United States since I was five years old,” said Dr.  Anna Valeva, who teaches at Western Illinois University. Born in Bulgaria,  the Statistics professor is among the group. […]

  • promo269211128

    Lodge liquidation is sentimental for former server

    Hundreds of shoppers form a long, twisting line at the Lodge Hotel in Bettendorf on Thursday. “It’s sad for me,” said Sue Kuehl. Kuehl is more than a face in the crowd.  She spent three years as a server at the former Jumer’s Castle Lodge. On the first day of the liquidation sale, she paused outside to take some photos. “I never dreamed I’d see the day this would happen,” she said. Inside the lobby, she’s taken aback by the […]

  • promo269125982

    Lodge Hotel liquidation offers a bounty for bargain hunters

    While the future of Bettendorf’s Lodge Hotel remains in limbo, everything inside the building will go on sale. The sale opens to the public at 10 a.m., Thursday, at the hotel. It costs $4 to enter.  The sale is expected to continue for about a month. The former Jumer’s Castle Lodge offers surprises in every room. “I’m walking through the building,” said Project Manager Jim Long.  “This is cool.  Where’s that from?” Long bought everything inside.  Now, he’s selling it. […]

  • promo269037076

    Rand Paul courts college voters during Davenport stop

    As Rand Paul arrives for our interview on Tuesday,  he keeps a sense of humor about his presidential bid. “We plan on sneaking up on people,” he said.  “Don’t tell anyone, but we are working very hard.” He remains in the bottom tier of Republicans, pulling just low single digits in polls. “We have a lot of secret weapons,” he said.  “One is the independent voter.” That’s one reason why the Senator from Kentucky is courting the college vote. “We’re […]

  • promo269021683

    Residents take back Davenport neighborhood with Neighborhood Watch

    Some Northwest Davenport residents are calling to take back their Ridgeview Park neighborhood. That’s after violence and vandalism just steps from Fillmore School. “It shouldn’t be that way,” said Toni Montgomery. Montgomery says that her eight year old son was choked by a neighborhood bully on the playground after hours. “It’s terrible out here any more,” she continued.  “We’re sick of it.” While there’s a Drug Free Zone near the school, another neighbor reported at least five drug deals on […]

  • Galesburg barbers are rival baseball fans (WQAD Photo by John David)

    Buzzing over baseball at Galesburg barber shop

    Opposites attract at Swanson’s Barber Shop these days. Cubs and Cards flags flank the Galesburg business. “Once you become a Cub fan, you’re addicted and just love it,” said owner Sherrill Swanson. Swanson, the die-hard Cubs fan,  joined forces with Cards fan Ronda Spicher five years ago. “Sometimes this whole place is filled with Cub fans,” she said.  “They just pick on me right and left.” Customers like Dusty Henry get caught in the middle. “She’s been shaking all morning,” […]

  • promo268520207

    Recycling business brings new jobs and growth to Clinton

    Tyrone Lewis is a man on the move these days. “Full time employment is great,” he said. The Hurricane Katrina survivor, 28, is thriving with a new job in Clinton. “It gives me peace of mind that I could actually not bounce paycheck to paycheck,” he continued.  “Pay my bills and live comfortably.” The recycling business, EnviroVision Technologies, is helping to renew economic development in Clinton. That’s as the city braces to lose Ashford University and contends with layoffs at […]


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