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John David is a reporter with News 8 logging more than a quarter-century of covering television news on a daily basis in the Quad Cities. He spent most of that time at WQAD, where he began as a reporter and weather anchor in 1989.

During the past decade, John is perhaps best known for reporting on the rise and fall of American manufacturing and its toll on the workforce.

His documentary, “Where Did The Jobs Go?”, chronicled the aftermath of Maytag’s plant closing in Galesburg, Illinois. Shot on location in Mexico and the United States, it received the 2006 Regional RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award for News Documentary. It also received the Eric Sevareid Award from the Northwest Broadcast News Association for a First Place Documentary. The Iowa Associated Press presented a First Place Award for Best Documentary as well.

John followed that extensive project with an in-depth look at health care. “Is Universal Health Care The Cure?” was shot on location in Canada and the United States. The 2005 documentary was revised and broadcast again in 2007 after segments continued to be a hotly-searched topic on http://www.wqad.com.

John spent several years on the beat in Galesburg, Illinois. In 2007, Galesburg Works presented him with an award for compassionate reporting.

John David grew up in Southern California, where he began his broadcasting career at age 16 for KCSN-FM. He graduated cum laude from Occidental College in Los Angeles with degrees in Politcal Science and Theater Arts and Rhetoric. He received his MSJ in Broadcast Journalism with distinction from Northwestern University in 1984.

Prior to his arrival at WQAD, John spent more than four years at KWQC-TV in Davenport as a reporter, weather anchor and co-host of “5 PM Live”.

John and his wife, Joyce, a seasoned broadcast and print journalist herself, live in Davenport. They enjoy their garden, travel and cheering on the Dodgers and Cardinals (not necessarily in that order).

Recent Articles
  • “Jersey Boy” Chris Christie talks presidential politics at Davenport’s Jersey Grille

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says that President Obama lied to Americans about the recent Iran negotiations. Christie says that a bad deal that endangers the world is worse than no deal at all. “We set up a system in this country of checks and balances in our government to stop this,” he said.  “And stop a president who is out of control.” In a crowded field of !6 Republican hopefuls, Christie plans to stand out with specifics. That includes […]

  • WQAD photo by John David

    Davenport Army Recruiting Center opens during security scrutiny

    It’s a bittersweet opening for the Army Recruiting Center on busy 53rd Street in Davenport. Exactly one week ago, a deadly shooting rampage took aim at a similar strip mall recruiting center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Solemn moments on Thursday as Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba leads a prayer for the five victims. “Let’s hope this never happens again,” he said. For Captain Carlinton Dobson, who served in dangerous places like Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s another illustration of the war on […]

  • hatchery in Wilton, Iowa (WQAD Photo by John David)

    Wilton hatchery to join battle against bird flu in Iowa

    It’s the new front line of defense in the battle against bird flu. Crews are building a $22-million hatchery in Wilton, Iowa, for Hy-Line North America. The West Des Moines-based company plans to ship millions of day-old chicks from Wilton starting in January 2016. “What it means for a town like Wilton is that it helps with keeping our town alive,” said Becky Allgood, executive director with the Wilton Development Corporation. It’s a timely and important investment. The bird flu […]

  • Davenport schools aim to cut dropout rate with online option

    Graduation day is like a dream come true for most high school students. But for others, it represents a nightmare of insurmountable tasks. “The circumstances surrounding their lives just make it so that school is not a top priority any more,” said Stephanie Eckhardt, a counselor at Davenport West High School. Eckhardt hopes that a new partnership will help. The school district is teaming up with Graduation Alliance. The Utah-based online program helps likely dropouts to get a diploma. “I […]

  • Vilsack’s visit helps to power Eastern Iowa’s future

    Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack sees the light when it comes to rural investment. During a stop in Wilton, Iowa, on Friday,  the former Iowa governor delivers a record-setting $44-million loan to the Eastern Iowa Light & Power Cooperative. “The interest rate is low, which allows those improvements to be made without significantly increasing the cost of electricity,” Sec. Vilsack said. While this utility serves 26,000 clients in 13 Iowa counties, improvements and cost are constants for service and crucial for […]

  • Moline schools win appeal against Elliott Aviation

    Moline schools are clearing a major hurdle in its bid to reclaim thousands of dollars in lost tax revenue. That’s after an appellate court sided with the school district in its case against Elliott Aviation. The ruling restores about $150,000 yearly to the schools that was lost when the company received tax-exempt status. “We felt if people were going to back out of paying their property taxes, it could be a catastrophe for school districts,” said Moline Superintendent Lanty McGuire. […]

  • Striking Muscatine construction workers get regional support

    Four Muscatine-area construction workers are attracting regional support in their call for safer working conditions. Chanting leads the way to Brandt Construction in Milan on Wednesday. That’s where some 40 marchers issue a call for change. Striking worker Austin Hovendon, 19, says it’s a matter of life or death. “I was scared just to not come home and be able to take care of my family,” he said. The controversy stems from a warehouse project in Muscatine. Workers for Brandt’s […]

  • Apartment project takes Garfield School from students to seniors

    Moline aldermen will learn more Tuesday about an $11.5 million project to transform Garfield School into senior housing. There would be 57 affordable apartments for older residents to enjoy by Fall 2018. “Providing safe, secure and modern housing for seniors,” said Ray Forsythe, Moline’s planning and development director.  “I think it’s a great opportunity.” Developer Gorman & Company is seeking federal and state tax credits to help finance the project. Moline, which is collaborating with the school district to market […]

  • Rep. Smiddy’s menu includes breakfast and budget in Rock Falls

    At the Family Table Restaurant in Rock Falls, it’s time for breakfast and the Illinois budget on Friday morning. “Governor Rauner will veto it?” asked Sandy Kosier, a substitute teacher from Sterling. “That’s what he has said,” responded Rep. Mike Smiddy, (D) Hillsdale. Kosier and Linda Wilson, a 44-year employee at now-defunct Reliant Fastener, offer Rep. Smiddy some food for thought. “I’m fed up,” Kosier said.  “It’s like when I teach school. I want to give them all a timeout.” […]

  • Rock Island Arsenal troops 7-9-15 (WQAD Photo by John David)

    Rock Island Arsenal watching and waiting after Army cuts

    It could take days, weeks or months to learn if the Rock Island Arsenal will need to cut jobs. That’s as the Army announces plans to downsize by 40,000 troops and 17,000 civilians over the next two years. Thursday’s change of command ceremony symbolizes Army moves. Incoming Brigadier General Stephen Farmen is waiting for any word about the Arsenal’s workforce. “We’ll go through the process of determining if there’s any impact here,” he said.  “But there’s no real indications that […]

  • AFSCME supports Illinois state workers (WQAD photo by John David)

    Rock Island AFSCME workers “pawns” in Illinois budget battle

    There’s urgency in a June AFSCME rally in Rock Island. Nearly a month later, even more uncertainty on Wednesday. That’s after a Cook County court ruling slashes salaries and leaves others unpaid during the Illinois budget battle. “I think some people won’t pay their mortgage payments,” said Terra Fairburn, an adoption counselor with the Department of Children and Family Services.  “Some people won’t pay their car payments.” Hourly pay for local AFSCME workers could drop to $7.25, which is the […]

  • JDC stays in the Quad Cities announcement 7-7-15 (WQAD Photo)

    Deere makes 7-year deal to sponsor John Deere Classic

    Deere & Company is teeing off with a big deal for golf fans on Tuesday. It’s a seven-year pact to remain title sponsor of the John Deere Classic through 2023. “We at John Deere believe that sponsorship is a wise investment in our business and a wise investment in our community,” said James Field, president of Deere’s Worldwide Agriculture and Turf Division. That investment now produces an economic impact topping $50 million each year. Deere will continue to build and […]


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