John David is a reporter with News 8 logging more than a quarter-century of covering television news on a daily basis in the Quad Cities. He spent most of that time at WQAD, where he began as a reporter and weather anchor in 1989.

During the past decade, John is perhaps best known for reporting on the rise and fall of American manufacturing and its toll on the workforce.

His documentary, “Where Did The Jobs Go?”, chronicled the aftermath of Maytag’s plant closing in Galesburg, Illinois. Shot on location in Mexico and the United States, it received the 2006 Regional RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award for News Documentary. It also received the Eric Sevareid Award from the Northwest Broadcast News Association for a First Place Documentary. The Iowa Associated Press presented a First Place Award for Best Documentary as well.

John followed that extensive project with an in-depth look at health care. “Is Universal Health Care The Cure?” was shot on location in Canada and the United States. The 2005 documentary was revised and broadcast again in 2007 after segments continued to be a hotly-searched topic on

John spent several years on the beat in Galesburg, Illinois. In 2007, Galesburg Works presented him with an award for compassionate reporting.

John David grew up in Southern California, where he began his broadcasting career at age 16 for KCSN-FM. He graduated cum laude from Occidental College in Los Angeles with degrees in Politcal Science and Theater Arts and Rhetoric. He received his MSJ in Broadcast Journalism with distinction from Northwestern University in 1984.

Prior to his arrival at WQAD, John spent more than four years at KWQC-TV in Davenport as a reporter, weather anchor and co-host of “5 PM Live”.

John and his wife, Joyce, a seasoned broadcast and print journalist herself, live in Davenport. They enjoy their garden, travel and cheering on the Dodgers and Cardinals (not necessarily in that order).

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    Fight for $15 minimum wage comes to the Quad Cities

    Protesters chanted for a $15 minimum wage outside a Bettendorf McDonald’s on Tuesday, November 10, 2015. Most of them are volunteers from the Bernie Sanders campaign. “Everybody’s feeling the squeeze, paycheck to paycheck,” said Andrew Kieffert. Kieffert remembers the struggle trying to get by on $7.25 an hour. “There’s no way that the expectation is true that you can get by in life working full-time, minimum wage,” he continued.  “You can’t.” But the push could also hurt mom-and-pop businesses that […]

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    Riefe’s readying to close in Davenport on December 23

    A landmark Davenport restaurant will be closing for good in December. After more than 60 years in business, Riefe’s is planning to wrap up service on December 23. Loyal customers packed Riefe’s parking lot on Monday. “Oh no,” said longtime customer Judy Treimer.  “That good food is not going to be here any more.” Third generation co-owner Dan Riefe was back at the cash register. “We always want to be here,” he said.  “Make sure everything is right.” But after […]

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    Davenport’s west end starts thinking about new gateway

    A changing  gateway to Davenport could provide inspiration for the city’s west side. When Kraft Heinz moves north in 2017,  it will clear about seven city blocks along River Drive. “This was always kind of the ugly way into town,” said Third Ward Alderman Bill Boom.  “Now, we have an opportunity to change that whole perception of the west end.” Solar Vision is a longtime business neighbor on River Drive. “I think it will be great for everybody down here,” […]

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    Davenport Kraft Heinz workers should start job search now, experts advise

    As Kraft Heinz workers move from shift to shift on Thursday, they’re facing uncertainty. “Everybody wonders what’s really going on,” said Steve Bowers.  “Some are scared.” After 26 years on the job, Bowers offers advice for younger colleagues. “I’d be looking for a job now,” he said.  “I wouldn’t be waiting.” While it will take more than a year to close this plant and open a new facility in Davenport, nearly a thousand workers may be out of a job […]

  • union plumber training program (WQAD Photo by John David)

    Finding hot local jobs with “Degrees That Pay”

    The search is on to find hot jobs around the Quad Cities, especially jobs you can get right out of a trade school or two-year program, that are available and pay well.

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    General Electric to add 120 jobs at West Burlington plant

    General Electric plans to add 120 jobs and a new product line with a $7.4 million investment at its plant in West Burlington. 350 employees got the good news from company officials on Wednesday, November 4, 2015. “What you guys have done over the last few quarters is truly remarkable,” said Stuart Thompson, general manager for GE’s Power Equipment. After nearly closing for good five years ago, the West Burlington plant is expanding and adding jobs. “I think it’s a […]

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    Hot Davenport mayoral race boosts voter turnout

    There was a buzz about the election at the polls on Tuesday, November 3. Click here for results from the local elections.  A line led the way to Davenport’s Unitarian Church.  And was a rare sight for city races. “It’s a choice between two good choices, two good men,” said voter Susan Greider. Longtime Mayor Bill Gluba was seeking a fifth term. Related: Bill Gluba concedes in Davenport mayoral race Challenger Frank Klipsch led the Scott Family Y for more than a quarter-century. “I […]

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    Gluba and Klipsch ready for Davenport mayoral vote

    Voters will decide on Tuesday if they want to shake things up at Davenport City Hall or send Mayor Bill Gluba back to office for a fifth term. Davenport polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. on Tuesday. On Monday, it’s crunch time for the Gluba campaign. Volunteers work the phones on the campaign’s final day. The four-term mayor is sounding realistic about his chances for a fifth. “If my friends and supporters get out and vote, […]

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    The buck might stop with Geneseo aldermen in 2017

    Here’s a vote you don’t see every day at Geneseo City Hall. Aldermen are poised to decide if the buck stops with them. As the town of 6,500 gets ready for the holiday season, the giving spirit is alive in downtown stores. But at Geneseo City Hall, it could be about taking something away. That is, removing salaries for elected officials. “There shouldn’t be a financial motivation for public service,” said Ald. Keith Kennett. Ald. Kennett is behind the unusual […]

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    Trump’s religion comment stirs outcry from Davenport clergy

    Donald Trump’s swipe at Dr. Ben Carson’s religion is turning heads in Davenport. “I’m Presbyterian. That’s down the middle of the road in all fairness,” Trump said in Florida on Saturday.  “I mean, Seventh Day Adventists, I don’t know about.  I just don’t know about.” Dr. Carson, who is a Seventh Day Adventist, also happens to be pulling ahead of Trump in recent polls. “Can people listen carefully to what people are saying?” Dr. Carson asked during a May stop […]

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    Rauner defends turnaround agenda during Quad City stops

    Gov. Bruce Rauner gets an earful about the budget battle during a stop in Moline on Monday. “This should have been solved a long time ago,” said Deere retiree Jerry Miller. Miller wonders why there’s still no deal. Rauner blames Democrats for the continued stalemate. “They’ve done zero compromise,” he said.  “So until they do, we’re going to be at an impasse.” Miller, who spent more than 42 years at Deere & Company, is getting more frustrated. “It’s costing all […]

  • WQAD photo by John David

    Davenport to celebrate turnaround at Goose Creek Heights

    Davenport neighbors and city officials will celebrate a remarkable turnaround in Goose Creek Heights. The Monday morning get-together will reflect on a decade of change. It will also show how teamwork and hard work can revive a community. Hands-on work symbolizes a new era at Summer Ridge Apartments. “It’s changed,” said owner Paul Forkeotes.  “It’s a pleasant place to be.” The buildings on Davenport’s West 65th Street used to be part of a tough neighborhood. But Forkeotes spent eight years […]


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