Jenna joined WQAD in August, 2012.

Born and raised in Springfield, she received a Bachelors in Radio/Television at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale.
While at SIUC, she was actively involved in their live student-produced television newscast which aired on the PBS affiliate.
She then continued her education and got her Master’s in Public Affairs Reporting at University of Illinois Springfield.

Outside of reporting Jenna likes to hang out with family and friends, read, travel, and cook.

Jenna looks forward keeping you informed, meeting the community and telling their stories. She is excited to be in the Quad Cities and would love to hear from anyone with a good story to tell.

Recent Articles
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    Rock Island still waiting for state payments

    Cities across Illinois are waiting for millions of dollars in state paychecks, but some are being told that might not happen now. As the Rock Island city council looks over the city budget, it can’t help but notice there are some lines missing, money the state of Illinois is withholding. Rock Island hasn’t received from gaming or motor fuel tax in all of 2015. “We`ve been told all along that all this money is piling up and as soon as […]

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    Rock Island County farmers say proposed tax hike will be a “double whammy”

    It will be a double whammy for Rock Island County farmers if a proposed tax hike is passed. Their assessed valuations for their homes have already gone up this year and now their property taxes could go up as well. The county is looking at a proposed hike of $38 on a $100,000 assessed property value. It’s a move that hasn’t happened in 18 years. County Administrator Dave Ross says it’s a move that’s necessary, to boost the counties IRMF […]

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    Transportation plan changes proposed in Moline

    With new projects coming to Moline, the city is working to figure out ways to get people around. There’s a lot going on in Moline, from projects like the continued growth at Western Illinois University Quad City campus, the I-74 bridge project and the Multimodal Q Station. “We`re really drilling down into the details and looking how we can better connect the riverfront with the surrounding neighborhoods,” said Moline’s city planner, Jeff Anderson. That means coming up with a better […]

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    No candidates, no problem for Atalissa, Iowa

    It was an election without a single candidate running in Atalissa, Iowa. Just four positions, including Mayor were up for grabs with no one to choose. Out of the 271 people living in Atalissa, Iowa it seemed no one wanted to run it. The deadline to turn candidate paperwork was in September, but the deadline had passed and nothing was turned in for the four positions, three city council spots and mayor. “I think everyone thought that somebody would run […]

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    Auditor’s office still reviewing Atalissa’s votes

    The small town of Atalissa, Iowa won’t know election results until tomorrow. The deadline for a candidate was back in September and no one turned in paperwork to run. 64 voters turned out at the polls, all were write-ins and all the votes were hand counted. There were four city openings including the mayor’s office and three out of the five city council positions. The Muscatine County Auditor’s office says since it is a write in election it will take […]

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    District looks at options to replace JB Young

    Davenport School Board is closing down JB Young School and now they’re figuring out what to do with the building. Monday night three options were recommended to the school board. The first option is to close the building at the end of the year, draw new boundaries and let the current students have a choice of schools, provided there is space. This option saves the school $1.9 million dollars. The second choice is to also close the school at the […]

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    Rock Island-Milan school district could raise taxes

    With millions of dollars of deficit spending, a tax hike may be coming for residents of the Rock Island-Milan school district. The district is hoping it can be one solution to their financial problems. Like many school districts in Illinois, the Rock Island-Milan school district is facing hard times. Looking at a deficit of $3 million dollars for the next school year and over the next five years it could jump to $11 million dollars. “I don’t want to be […]

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    Boots on the Ground aims to combat Davenport crime

    A Davenport community is taking action against crime. Thursday night they came together to discuss issues and what they can do. In a packed room filled with law enforcement, city leaders, and residents came an honest conversation. The Boots on the Ground Coalition was formed after the recent rise in crime in the Quad Cities. Thursday night Davenport residents got together to hear issues that impact their community. For Dwight McCall its the lack of jobs and education, “The young […]

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    Local Farmer speaks out against Subway’s antibiotic-free meat plan

    Area farmers are crying foul after changes in the menu at one of America’s largest restaurant chains. Subway plans to stop serving meat with antibiotics, saying it wants to provide healthier food to its customers, but down on the farm there are those who disagree with the message. “To me this is a marketing ploy to drum up business and feed on consumers fears and misconceptions. It wasn`t based off of science or safety or concern for the consumer,” said […]

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    Davenport demolishing dozens of vacant homes in cleanup effort

    Joyce Johnson has lived in her home off of West 8th Street in Davenport for 50 years. “You know everybody knew each other and watched over each other here and everything like that. A lot of them have passed away and a lot of them have moved away,” said Johnson. The biggest change she’s noticed to the neighborhood is more and more abandoned homes. It’s something the city of Davenport has noticed too. Wednesday night “Impact Project” was introduced to […]

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    Galesburg votes to keep anti-nepotism hiring policy

    The city of Galesburg won’t change it’s policy, that’s meant to prevent nepotism among city departments. It was a discussion on what’s fair. Galesburg city policy says only one person per family can be employed by the city in a department. “I think as a manager its a good policy you know, you put family members in the same department and you can create real or perceived problems about favoritism,” said Mayor John Pritchard. While Mayor Pritchard backs the policy, […]

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    Stranger’s kind gesture helps turn tough week around for Port Byron family

    It was a simple act of kindness that one Port Byron family says turned their luck around. A complete stranger paid for their meal. On most nights you’ll find Kristina Rankins in the kitchen making dinner for her family. Going out to eat is a luxury for them. “We’re a family of five who lives paycheck by paycheck,” said Rankins. However this past week was a rough one, over the weekend they had to deal with a death in their […]


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