Jenna joined WQAD in August, 2012.

Born and raised in Springfield, she received a Bachelors in Radio/Television at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale.
While at SIUC, she was actively involved in their live student-produced television newscast which aired on the PBS affiliate.
She then continued her education and got her Master’s in Public Affairs Reporting at University of Illinois Springfield.

Outside of reporting Jenna likes to hang out with family and friends, read, travel, and cook.

Jenna looks forward keeping you informed, meeting the community and telling their stories. She is excited to be in the Quad Cities and would love to hear from anyone with a good story to tell.

Recent Articles
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    Rock Island Arsenal remembers 9/11 15 years later

    ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – Sunday will be 15 years since the terrorists attacks on the United States. As another year passes, the memory of 9/11 is still fresh in people’s minds. “Today we reflect on the past and remember and pray for the brave victims who have lost their lives,” said Major General, Edward Daley at the Rock Island Arsenal. It was 15 years ago that changed everything. “The terrorists that carry out the vicious 9-11 attacks wanted us to […]

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    Rock Island business reaps the benefits from failed Walmart deal

    ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – Despite Walmart not coming to Rock Island, one business is benefiting from the deal that fell through. More product is going down the assembly line at Hill and Valley Bakery in Rock Island. “We`ve been here about a year in a half. It’s about three times the square footage,” said Doug Davidson, CEO and President of Hill and Valley. The facility used to be located at the former Watch Tower Plaza, but the deal to bring […]

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    Ladd, Illinois man wants answers about his mom’s disappearance

    Dewey has been missing for two weeks.

  • Mussel relocation along the bridge in the Mississippi River (WQAD photo)

    Mussel relocation project falls behind schedule

    Crews have already relocated more than 70,000 mussels and they're only halfway through.

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    QC driver wants state to pay after botched highway paint job

    COAL VALLEY, Illinois – Some drivers say they’re upset after yellow paint got on their cars. It came from paint overspray along U.S Highway 6, between Glenwood Road and Interstate 80 on ramp. The Illinois Department of Transportation said crews were painting, but it started raining so the paint didn’t have time to dry. Cherokee Bunch takes Highway 6 home. “It just spread to both lanes so I mean I don`t think there`s any way of avoiding it,” said Bunch. […]

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    Clinton community holds vigil to spread awareness on drug addiction

    CLINTON, Iowa – The fight to save lives is why people in Clinton gathered tonight for a vigil to spread awareness about the growing problem of addiction. It was a night to have a real conversation about a growing problem. “Tonight its going to be emotional and we hope that emotion spur people into action,” said Amy Berentes from Mercy Clinic. Taking action by spreading awareness and educating people about drug addiction. “I`m a recovering drug addict. I will be […]

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    Augie professor moves family into dorm for new program

    ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – For most college students going away to school means no parents and fewer rules, but what if you had to live with one of your professors? That’s what some students at Augustana College are doing this year. Kathy Jakielski is getting settled into her new home. She’s downgraded in size and has gained some new neighbors. “The students have been friendly,” said Jakielski. Jakielski, a professor at Augustana College is getting to know her students on […]

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    Mercado on Fifth aims to showcase businesses and neighborhood

    That opportunity is the new market in Moline called the Mercado on Fifth.

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    Schools enforced new Illinois concussion requirements

    ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – Before athletes can play, there are new requirements in Illinois for contact sports. Kyle Hoffman is the newest member of the Rock Island High School athletic department. When he’s not treating minor sprains and aches, he’s testing for a major problem that could change the lives of these young athletes forever. Hoffman was hired because of the law. Right now in Illinois every school has to have a concussion oversight team. The team must make sure […]

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    71-year-old Vietnam veteran from Davenport fights off attacker

    A Vietnam veteran from Davenport, Iowa was able to fend off an attacker. He says it's instincts from his Army days that kicked in.

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    Felony charges dropped against Former Sterling, Illinois teacher

    STERLING, Illinois – Prosecutors dropped the charges against a Lee County man charged with attempted murder. Last year Mario Garnica was accused of trying to kill his boyfriend at the time, Benjamin Brainerd. Investigators claimed he assaulted and stabbed Brainerd back in February of 2015. Brainerd told his story to News Eight last year, saying it happened during an argument with Garnica. “That’s when he snapped and grabbed the metal pipe and started beating me with it and after he […]

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    Credit Island Lodge busier than ever since reopening

    The Credit Island Lodge is busier than ever.