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Jenna joined WQAD in August, 2012.

Born and raised in Springfield, she received a Bachelors in Radio/Television at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale.
While at SIUC, she was actively involved in their live student-produced television newscast which aired on the PBS affiliate.
She then continued her education and got her Master's in Public Affairs Reporting at University of Illinois Springfield.

Outside of reporting Jenna likes to hang out with family and friends, read, travel, and cook.

Jenna looks forward keeping you informed, meeting the community and telling their stories. She is excited to be in the Quad Cities and would love to hear from anyone with a good story to tell.

Recent Articles
  • Family seeking answers in hit and run

    A family wants to find the driver that hit their son and then took off. His mother says you can help the police find out what happened. Connie and Dale Huizenga have more questions than answers. “We want to find out what happened so that we can put it together. I mean this is my son, I want to know what happened to him,” said Connie. Early Sunday morning they got a call from Davenport police. They would learn that […]

  • Illinois governor attempts to get financial help for storm-torn counties

    Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has declared Warren County a state disaster area. At the same time he’s trying another route to get some federal help. Clean up continued weeks after a tornado went through the small town of Cameron, Illinois. For Sam Fox its picking up branches; his house is one of the lucky ones. “No structural damage, most was cosmetics. The roof got beat up, the siding got beat up, couple minor holes in garage,” said Fox. FEMA denied assistance […]

  • Sen. Rand Paul talks about how he will stay on top in pres. race

      Some presidential candidates are making stops in Iowa this weekend, starting with Senator Rand Paul who spoke in Davenport. The Kentucky Senator is going to need more support to get out in front of a crowded field. Close to 100 people stood in line outside the Rivercenter to get a picture with the Presidential candidate, but more importantly listen to his message. “Some of his views align with mine pretty closely and I think I just wanted to hear […]

  • Sterling agency suffers amidst budget dispute

    Another deadline is approaching for Illinois to pass a state budget, but some state agencies are not too hopeful lawmakers and the Governor will be able to come to a compromise by Friday. These days the Northwestern Illinois Center for Independent Living is quiet. Back on July 2nd, the Sterling agency announced they were closing their doors temporarily to the public. Their contract with the state ended June 30th, and with no budget set for next year a new contract can’t start. “We […]

  • Traffic study shows concerns in Davenport Police Department

    Racial profiling and data errors are two big concerns found in a traffic study released by a St. Ambrose University professor. For four years professor Chris Barnum has studied traffic stops made by the Davenport Police Department. The study showed the difference in percentage of traffic stops broken down by various demographics such as race. One set of data stood out. Officers on the department’s crime prevention squad knows as NETS saw a dramatic increase from last year in the […]

  • Homeowners want city to take care of sinkhole in yard

    Some homeowners just south of the Quad Cities are worried about their safety. They say a collapsed sewer system has caused a sinkhole in their yard and they want the city to take responsibility for it. Jacqueline Lee has lived in her home in Monmouth for almost 17 years problem free, until now. Two weeks ago her husband noticed a sinkhole in their yard right next to the home’s foundation. “We have grand kids here all the time, that`s a […]

  • Community comes together to give Davenport man one last wish

    It’s one last wish for a Davenport man with terminal cancer. He wants to get on the track and race one last time. His friends and even complete strangers are making sure it happens. Josh Lofquist and James Hughes share the same love for racing cars. “We were cruising the avenue one night and we got into a race,” said Hughes. Lofquist was pretty confident he would win. “I beat him and we became friends ever since,” said Hughes. Over […]

  • Labor union and Davenport fight over street work

    Bumpy, cracked and full of potholes. Davenport drivers put up with some of the roughest roads in the county, but as the city works to fix it labor unions are fighting for their share of the work. The city of Davenport has been busy fixing roads and according to a new report there should be a lot of work. Davenport ranking 18th for worst road conditions in the nation. “You got to balance as much as getting done what you […]

  • ‘Zipper Merge’ method could reduce I-74 backups

    There may be a way to cut down on traffic tie-ups in construction zones, but this method might go against everything you’ve ever thought about safe driving. The Iowa Department of Transportation wants to start a merging method called the Zipper Merge. “People can merge and alternate like a zipper and that’s why it’s called a zipper merge. One lane can go in and the other lane can go and it seems to work a lot more smoothly,” said Doug Rick, […]

  • Davenport school district builds field for little league team

    One Davenport team is getting extra innings thanks to a new baseball field.

  • Davenport man faces trial for child sex abuse case

      A Davenport man was on trial today for a child sex abuse case. He’s one of several accused in a case, involving children left in the care of convicted sex offenders. Back in 2011 a parent reported he had information concerning possible sexual abuse of his children who lived in the Patriot Mobile Home Park in West Davenport. The complaint states the three children were two, four and six years old. One of the men identified was Melvin Lucier […]

  • I-74 Bridge construction: How to get around it

    It's just the beginning of the construction you'll see around the I-74 Bridge with changes to ramps getting on the interstate.


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