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  • Dr. Eckhardt – Breast Reduction

    Dr. Eckhardt – Breast Reduction

  • Dr. Eckhardt – Facelift

    Dr. Eckhardt – Facelift

  • Dr. Eckhardt – Eyelid Surgery

    Dr. Eckhardt – Eyelid Surgery

  • Dr. Eckhardt – Breast Lift

    Dr. Eckhardt – Breast Lift

  • Ruhl & Ruhl Real Estate Segment – 11/27/12

      Ruhl & Ruhl Real Estate Segment – 11/27/12

  • Ruhl & Ruhl Real Estate Segment – 11/20

    Ruhl & Ruhl Real Estate Segment – 11/20

  • Ruhl & Ruhl Real Estate Segement 11/13/12

    Ruhl & Ruhl Real Estate Segement 11/13/12

  • Ruhl & Ruhl Real Estate Segment – 11/6

    Ruhl & Ruhl Real Estate Segment – 11/6

  • Step1.IntraLase

    Laser Refractive Surgery

    Laser refractive surgery is the term given to a number of procedures designed to change the focusing properties of the eye.

  • RP-ESA.sm2

    Dr. Richard Phinney

    Dr. Richard Phinney has helped thousands of Quad City residents to enjoy the life style benefits of vision correction surgery. There are many options to choose from including: IntraLase LASIK; PRK; INTACS; Refractive Lens Exchange with Multifocal Implants; and the Implantable Contact Lens. Based on your exam Dr. Phinney will recommend the best solution for you. Experience: Dr. Phinney is the area’s most trusted LASIK expert, having performed over 8,000 LASIK procedures for Quad City patients. No other local physician […]

  • At Great River Spine Clinic, we coordinate several treatments

    • Physical therapy • Medication • Behavioral therapy • Biofeedback • Epidural injections • Some nerve blocks and muscle trigger-point injections Some therapies are more invasive. With several patients, we’ve used a technique called dorsal column stimulator in which we permanently implant an electric stimulator in the spine. This has been very effective in reducing pain. Even with such advances, Dr. Foster searches for improvements in the services of Great River Spine Clinic, such as participation in the National Spine […]

  • Your first visit

    Find out more information about what our process is for diagnosis and what you can expect from your first visit to our clinic. Please remember the following for your first visit: All patients must sign forms for the authorization for treatment, release of information and authorization to file insurance. Treatment begins with conservative therapy Each Patient at Great River Spine Clinic goes through individualized diagnostics to pinpoint his or her specific problem. 1. The first thing we do is obtain […]


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