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  • Good Morning Quad Cities Road Trip!

    Watch Now: Good Morning QC Welcome to the first-ever Good Morning Quad Cities Road Trip! We’ve partnered with Shabbona Creek RV to take you to some great destinations. Day 1: On board an aircraft carrier in Norfolk, Virginia Day 2: Exploring beautiful and historic Charleston, South Carolina Day 3: Traversing one of the tallest bridges on the planet in West Virginia Day 4: Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama Day 5: Indianapolis 500

  • WQAD News 8 Mobile Apps

    Access WQAD NEWS 8 on the go! You can easily watch the latest Breaking News, weather, sports and live Newscasts on a mobile phone, tablet, or smart TV. WQAD NEWS 8  Phone and Tablet Apps iTunes Store For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Google Play Store All phones and tablets running by Android OS. WQAD Storm Track 8  Weather Phone and Tablet Apps iTunes Store For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Google Play Store All phones and tablets running by Android OS. […]

  • RuhlHomes TV Show 4

    RuhlHomes TV Show #4

  • RuhlHomes TV Show 03

    RuhlHomes TV  Show #3

  • RuhlHomes TV Show 02

    RuhlHomes TV Show # 2

  • Keeping Government Accountable

    For a couple of years now Iowans have been paying an extra 10 cents per gallon every time they gas up. . That adds up to a big chunk of change for the state. So where is your hard-earned money going, and what are you getting in return? We’ve dug into that question and have the answers for you. Today on WQAD News 8 at 5    

  • Silent Epidemic

    Four local mothers who share a tragic bond. Their sons, each one dead from a drug overdose. Their message: drug overdose can happen to anyone— your neighbor, your friend, even your son. News 8 shares their stories about the silent epidemic sweeping the nation.

  • New Hope for Missing People

  • WQAD Quad Cities Alexa Flash Briefing

    WQAD News 8, is now deliverable by Alexa on your Amazon device. Frequently updated with breaking news, local stories and Quad City weather. How To Enable Enable by Voice  Say, “Alexa..enable the WQAD Quad Cities flash briefing skill.“ or Enable in the Alexa app: From the left navigation panel, select Skills. Use the search bar to enter WQAD Select Enable Skill. To enable skills from the Alexa Skills store on the website, go to    

  • ABC November 2016

  • Report a Problem with your TV signal

    Having problems with your TV signal, Picture or  Audio? Please don’t hesitate to let us know. Just complete the information on the form and submit.

  • Brewed #7 travels up river to Galena Brewing Company and Jubeck New World Brewing

    Join host Dave Levora as he explores the Craft Beer scene in and around the Quad Cities.