Boil Advisory lifted for most Rock Island customers, remains for some
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Chris Minor is an award-winning journalist who does her best to tell it like it is.

Covering the Quad Cities for more than 20 years, Chris was named Best Reporter by the Illinois Associated Press two years in a row, and has been honored with both Illinois and Iowa AP, and Edward R. Murrow awards.

Chris is a native of Park Ridge, Illinois where her family still lives.

When she's not breaking stories, she likes to spend time with her two nieces and twin nephews, play trivia, read memoirs and biographies, and hang out with her schnoodle named Clooney.

Recent Articles
  • Police have “persons of interest” in razor blade playground case, investigation ongoing

    Investigators in East Moline say they are making slow, but steady progress in catching the culprit or culprits who glued razor blades to playground equipment.

  • Company accused of “hostage-taking” door-to-door sales has “F” rating

    A Quad City-area company that sells Kirby vacuum cleaners door-to-door is being accused of "hostage-taking" like practices and has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Police called over “aggressive” door to door sales

    A Quad City family is urging people to beware of what they call “aggressive” door-to-door sales people canvassing some local neighborhoods now that the weather is heating up. “They’re relentless in their sales pitch,” said Marcia Allen. “Once they’re in, they’re not leaving.” Allen’s mom, Margaret Baker, answered the door one day and was asked by a young woman if she wanted her carpet cleaned for free. Before she knew it, three men were inside the home trying to sell […]

  • Residents say “mystery” odor is making them sick

    Some residents at a Davenport apartment complex for seniors say a mystery odor is making them sick. A chemical-like smell in some parts of Walsh Hall at Marycrest Senior Housing started about three weeks ago. “I get dizzy, I get nauseated, my eyes burn. Only in this building,” said resident Mary Bognar, who went to the emergency room Thursday after feeling out of sorts. “It’s either a chemical or some kind of a gas leak,” she said. Her cousin Sharon […]

  • Depression, suicide in QC teens at a “crisis” level

    Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon for a young Davenport West High School student who friends say took her own life after being bullied. Davenport police say they are looking into the circumstances of 14-year old Alice Schmitt’s death. Friends of the teen launched a Facebook page this week called “Make the Change, The Alice Schmitt Movement” to create more awareness about suicide and bullying. A longtime Quad City mental health counselor says teen suicide is on the rise in […]

  • Alice Schmitt photo from Make a Change the Alice Schmitt Movement page on Facebook

    Friends say 14-year-old killed herself over bullying

    After a bullied and harassed Davenport teen killed herself, some are calling on the Quad City community to launch a dialogue on the topic of teen suicide.

  • NFL player, ex-Hawkeye offers extra “bounty” for razor blade playground culprit

    Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Julian Vandervelde is offering a $1,000 "bounty" to help find whomever glued a dozen razor blades to playground equipment in East Moline.

  • madden finger

    Parents of toddler cut by razor blades in park say culprit “sick” and “psychotic”

    The Illinois toddler cut in a playground booby-trapped with straight-edged razors glued to monkey bars and slides says it felt like someone "cracked open" his finger.

  • Woman who faked cancer “one step closer to prison”

    A woman, who made money by collecting donations while she faked having cancer, remains free even though the court denied her request to have her prison sentence thrown out.

  • Juvenile killers sentenced to life allowed re-sentencing

    A Quad City mother is angry over the Illinois Supreme Court’s ruling calling for the re-sentencing of inmates now in prison for life for crimes they committed when they were juveniles. Dora Larson has been crying all day. Scott Darnell, the man who raped and murdered her little girl more than 30 years ago, is one of about 100 inmates who will now be re-sentenced, with the possibility of a shorter prison term. “We fought for so long to keep […]

  • sheley

    Third Sheley trial on track for May

    The trial of accused spree killer Nicholas Sheley is on track for May in Rock Island County.

  • Report: Union bosses urge crossing party lines to try to defeat Rauner

    Rock Island election officials say there's no doubt some people will cast a primary election vote meant only to defeat the Republican frontrunner.