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How your excess Halloween candy could benefit troops overseas


If you’ve finally hit the Halloween candy wall, but still have leftovers, you can donate those treats to troops overseas!

Multiple organizations work with schools, businesses, dentist offices, etc. that agree to collect candy from the public and then send it to the organization to be packaged and shipped to troops.

A dentist in Galesburg has joined in the candy collection for Operation Gratitude.  At the office, patients of Kandy S. Sayrs, DDS, can bring in candy and receive $1 for each pound.  Once no more candy is being donated, the office will package up the candy and send it to California where it will be distributed.  A spokesperson from the office also said that non-patients can donate candy if they’d like.

If there are no candy donation drives near you, you can send bags of individually wrapped candies to:
Operation Shoebox
8360 East Highway 25
Belleview, FL. 34420