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Large majority of Iowa public sector unions vote in favor of recertification

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Preliminary results from Iowa's union recertification vote show that around 430 of the state's nearly 500 public worker units will continue, while 31 voted to disband.

Almost 40 units remain to be counted, which means the tally can change.

More periodic recertification elections were required under a law approved this year by the Republican-majority Legislature that eliminated most collective bargaining rights for public workers.

In a release, Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic said the elections sent a clear message to Iowa political leaders that workers appreciate their unions.

“At a time when too many families across our state are already struggling to make ends meet, it is more important than ever that workers have the ability to voice their concerns and maintain their union," he said. "Thankfully the vast majority of workers saw through the attacks on public workers made by Governor Reynolds and the Republican legislature, which only make it harder for nurses, teachers, correctional officers, firefighters, snow plow drivers, and other public employees to come together to advocate for their on the job needs and negotiate to protect their livelihood.”

Cormack says more than 28,400 employees voted, with more than 23,000 supporting retaining their unions and a little over 530 supporting decertification.

Those who don't participate are counted as "no" votes.