Muscatine musician wrote in the dorms at U of Northern Iowa

Who I am: Carter Williams

What my music is: Acoustic Rock

What sets my music apart from the rest: “ I wrote “Figure It out: Acoustic Unplugged” in the dorms at the University of Northern Iowa while taking on a full schedule as a political science major. The struggle of balancing school and working on music isn’t easy, and it’s certainly not the only struggle that has faced me being a college musician. There seemed to be no time to record during the school year and limited options when it came to places to record. In August, I finished the recording session which ended up taking place in a small shed in my back yard. The album is raw: simply a guitar, a microphone, and my voice comprise the album. There are no gimmicks. My music exists not to fool anyone. Everything I write I extend to my listeners with meaning.”

Carter Williams is on Spotify and Apple Music.

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