Scam alert: Don’t fall for fake Publisher’s Clearing House prize claim

MOLINE, Illinois — ┬áPolice are warning the public of a scam where a caller tells a victim they have won the Publisher’s Clearing House prize.

A Moline woman was scammed out of more than $27,000 in the scam recently, police said.

In the scam, a man identifying himself as “David Sayer” from Publisher’s Clearing House called the victim and told her she’d won money, but would have to wire the company money before collecting. Police say the victim wired money three different times to three different names and addresses given her and never received a prize.

According to police, an observant credit union employee raised suspicion regarding the money wires and convinced the victim it was a scam. Police say the scam targets seniors and remind everyone that if you have not entered a sweepstakes, you have not won.