We Need YOUR Questions for the Vice President of Western Illinois University-Quad Cities

Hundreds of students in Illinois and Iowa are continuing their education after high school at Western Illinois University's Quad Cities Campus and school leaders want that number - and the campus - to grow.

On Thursday, September 28th, we are having "Breakfast With..." the Vice President for WIU-QC, Dr. Joseph Rives, live on Good Morning Quad Cities at Dead Poet's Espresso in Moline.

We're going to ask Dr. Rives about the exciting things happening at WIU-QC in the 2017-18 school year, how the long-term impact of the state's budget impasse, and what the future looks like for the riverfront campus.

If you have any questions/comments for Dr. Rives, fill out the form below:

This "Breakfast With..." comes after visiting the newest residence hall at the University of Iowa, learning about the progress of a huge project for Scott Community College, talking about the Illinois school funding battle with East Moline Schools Superintendent Mr. Kristin Humphries, previewing Kewanee Hog Days, and spending a morning at the Bureau County Fairgrounds.

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