Why you may see smoke coming from Davenport manholes this week

DAVENPORT — You may see smoke coming out of manholes around the city the next couple of days.

Smoke testing is being used to reduce storm water entry in the sanitary sewer system, according to the City of Davenport. The testing will take place Thursday and Friday, September 7th and 8th.

The smoke is white to gray in color. It’s non-toxic, non-staining, odorless and creates no fire hazard. It may appear to be coming from the ground, roof drains, catch basins, house vent stacks, or foundation drains that are connected to the system.

“Residents should be aware that the appearance of smoke coming from house vent stacks is normal, or expected,” read the statement.

If you are in the area where testing is being conducted, expect to get a door hanger with additional information and instruction.