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Ways to make sure your prescriptions arrive safely in the mail

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MOLINE - Getting prescriptions in the mail can be risky and recenlty, veterans in the Galesburg area reported possible prescription drug thefts.

"You always run a risk when multiple hands touch things like medication," said Sergeant David Taylor, Moline Police.

For some, their only option is to get medication through the mail and Moline police suggest getting your pills delivered to a P.O. Box.

"Don't have it delivered to your house, have it delivered to the post office, so that only the post office and post office alone are the ones that have handled it outside of the doctors or pharmacists that send it," said Taylor.

Police suggest also asking the sender to require a signature on your delivery so you can see it when it arrives.

"If the package has been altered in any way, if anything is out of the ordinary, reject it, call your doctor, let them know what's going on," said Taylor.

You should also report any tampering to police.

"It will do a couple of things, one, alert us there may be illegal drugs on the street and two, it will enable them to be able to get the required medication refilled," said Taylor.

Tracking the package is also a good idea to make sure it doesn't just sit in your mail box making them easy to steal.

"They're using prescription drugs for a lot of different things now it's not just taking them," said Taylor.

Moline police say you should be extra careful with prescriptions for opiods like hydrocodone and oxycotton.