Five-story apartment building in the Village of East Davenport might be too big

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DAVENPORT - A huge development project could come to the Village of East Davenport, but there's a problem, it's too big.

Five Star Salon has been there long enough to see the highs and lows of the Village of East Davenport.

"There is momentum in the Village that there hasn`t been. Like I said I've been here for 16 years we have a lot of new businesses," said the owner, Jeffrey Porter.

The possibilities for a vacant lot just two doors down has Porter even more excited.

"Anything that`s going to bring more foot traffic to the Village is a great idea," said Porter.

The developer, businessman Greg Ontiveros has this in mind. A five-story building at the corner of River Drive and Mound Street. Businesses and a bank would be in the first. The top floors would have 45 high-end apartments, even a rooftop swimming pool.

"I think my big concern is just that it would fit in with the look and feel of the Village," said Martha O'Brien, who works at Wide River Winery.

Some members of Davenport's Design Review Board agreed, pointing out the Village has an ordinance limiting buildings to three stories.

"I think everybody`s excited growth in the village, but again you know you have to be mindful of the look and feel of a historic neighborhood," said O'Brien.

However, Porter says it's a minor issue to be worked out so this major project can come to the Village, "We`ll be better with it than without it."

Ontiveros can go to the city's Zoning Board of Appeals and ask for a variance that would bypass the height requirement. If that's approved the Design Review Board will vote on it.