Moline police help city construction crews stay cool

MOLINE, Illinois -- The Moline Police Department is making sure the city's construction crews stay cool in the summer heat.

On Friday, July 21, officers paid a surprise visit to crews working on John Deere Road, as well as several other building projects. With the heat index topping 100 degrees, Officer Joe Kluever and Sgt. Jeremy Weeks stopped by with coolers of water and Powerade to help the workers stay hydrated.

"It's hot, and I'm just carrying around a cooler, handing out water. They're the ones actually out working, so I can't even imagine," said Kluever.

Most importantly, though, officers say it's a way to show their appreciation.

"They're building Moline's roads, making them better, faster, more efficient, so we can get to emergency calls quicker and do our job. So, it's really saying, 'Thank you,' for them helping us do our job," said Kluever.

Jewel donated several cases of water and Powerade for the deliveries.

Earlier this week, officers also stopped by Moline High School's football practice to reward the athletes with Slurpees as part of 'Operation Chill.'