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Instead of golf lessons, Bubba Watson made the clubs fit his hands

For the 156 golfers playing in this year's John Deere Classic, a grip can be everything.

Bubba Watson in particular has a very specific way to get a grip on his game.

"Instead of getting a golf lesson... I figured out how to make the golf clubs fit my game," he said.

So the workers that make his clubs design them to his specific needs.

"We start with a mid-sized grip, 14 extra wraps under his bottom hand and 12 under his top hand," said a worker from Ping.

After a few years, the grips got bigger.

"He likes his grips a certain way," said the Ping worker. "If it's not where he wants it, we'll redo it."

That unique grip leaves Bubba's club face open and the degrees change from driver to wedge.

The feel from the grips has helped Bubba become the 44th ranked golfer in the world, with the only clubs he has ever played.

"I've been with Ping since I was eight," Watson said. "I'm never going to switch equipment."