Sold out DekHockey tournament means good business for local vendors

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This hot summer weekend is all about DekHockey.

The 3rd annual National Summer Tournament brought at least 50 teams from all over the country to Crow Creek Park in Bettendorf to fight for up to $12,000 dollars of prize money.

"The trick to floor hockey to be fast on your feet and to be able to see the game well and to play defense defense is a big thing," says Allen Savage, who's been playing for over 20 years of the Louisiana Mudbugs.

Dekhockey is similar to floor hockey, organizers say this 3 day tournament is the biggest of it's kind in the country, bring over 500 players to compete.

This year was the first for a women's division team. It also gives first time players a chance to compete.

I’ve always liked hockey and I didn’t know how to skate at first so I wanted to play a game that was  like a little easier," says Apolo Siobodnik from Pennsylvania.

At least a dozen local businesses took advantage of the growing popularity of dekhockey to make a couple extra dollars.

"I think  it's growing so much and because it's a tournament,... you're here more than one day. You have the chance for people to repetitively see your name and your logo and maybe when you're out in the community they'll say 'oh yeah Harrington's, I had a drink there maybe we should stop,'" says Ashley Smith, co-owner of Harrington's Pub.

The tournament ends Sunday, July 9, players will play until around 6 p.m.