Illinois House overrides Governor Rauner’s budget veto

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois -- After three years, the state of Illinois officially has a budget.

The Illinois House voted on Thursday afternoon to override Governor Rauner's budget veto.

Gov. Rauner urged lawmakers not to override his veto, calling the plan a “disaster” that will not solve the state’s many financial problems.

“This is not just a slap in the face to Illinois taxpayers. This is a 2-by-4 smacked across the foreheads of the people of Illinois,” the governor told reporters Wednesday.

For two straight weeks, lawmakers have been meeting in a special session called specifically to deal with the budget. The session was capped by a flurry of activity on Tuesday, when the Senate sent a $36 billion spending plan to the governor funded with a permanent 32 percent income tax increase.

The vote was delayed on Thursday afternoon as hazmat crews investigated a suspicious powder found in the governor’s office but the building was given the all clear around 3:30 p.m.

WGN News contributed to this report.