Starting Your Day Right: A Tropical Tango Smoothie

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DAVENPORT- Smoothies are the perfect, healthy way to get a GREAT START to your morning!

It is important we don't feel cloudy in the early hours of the day, eating a proper breakfast is part of having a clear mind. The best time to eat fruits is first thing in the morning after your morning water. Eating them right after a fill meal is not a great idea, there is a good chance full digestion will not occur. DON'T YOU WANT TO USE WHAT YOU EAT?

Wednesday, June 21, Greatest Grains showed us how to make the delicious 'Tropical Tango Smoothie' stuffed full of great tasting fruit found around the most tropical areas of the world. It starts out with papaya nectar and coconut milk! It also includes mangoes, bananas, and dates. Make sure to add in the protein powder and the turmeric if you would like an extra added boost to your morning. Please remember to GET YOUR YOUR BREAKFAST IN,

Making a smoothie is the most convenient way to drink your breakfast. It only takes 5-10 quick minutes and then you can be about your busy day. You won't ever regret eating breakfast, but your health will always regret it when you skip it. Take some easy steps towards improving your health today! Let us know what you think about this tropical concoction after you've made it for yourself. Food prep is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle and eating with the seasons is the most affordable way to be healthy!

Tropical Tango Smoothie Ingredients and Instructions

Makes 2 servings

1/2 cup papaya nectar

1/2 cup coconut milk

1 scoop or packet of your favorite protein powder

.5 teaspoon turmeric powder

6-7 pitted dates

1.5 cup mango, frozen = about 1.5 medium diced mango

1.5 whole bananas, peeled quartered and frozen

  1. Place ingredients into the blender by the order of ingredients listed. Start with pouring liquid into bottom of blender.
  2. Pour in protein powder of choice (leave out if you don't have any protein powder on hand.
  3. Then, toss in the pitted dates, frozen mangoes, and frozen banana quarters.
  4. Blend until smooth and add a tad more liquid if desired to reach your ideal consistency.

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