New 24 hour daycare in Muscatine set to open a preschool this fall

MUSCATINE, Iowa-- Plans are in the works at Happy Time Daycare in Muscatine to place a preschool in the back of the building.

Since the building's grand opening in May, owner Dallas McManus says he had no idea how badly parents need the 24-hour child care service.

“It’s getting busy we’re getting several kids in; (we've) got about 35 enrolled now. We have several enrolled for the preschool in the fall and we’re adding more kids every week,” says McManus.

McManus says having a preschool steps away from the daycare saves time for parents working odd hour jobs.

“The fact that they will be able to go from A to B without having somebody to have to pick them up at day care and take them to preschool a couple times a week is just going to help so much," says McManus.

Happy Time Preschool will be housed in a modular school, at least 35 children are already registered for the program.

The setup and remodeling of the home will cost roughly $30,000 dollars.

The school is expected to be open in August.