Emergency responders expect more injuries after latest Iowa fireworks law

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DAVENPORT-- Emergency crews say with the latest Iowa fireworks  laws they expect to see more injuries this coming 4th of July.

The bill included the sales of bottle rockets, firecrackers, and roman candles.

"With the new fireworks that are now available in Iowa we see a lot of blast injuries and burn injuries," says Dr. John Hartman, Genesis Medical Director of Trauma services.

Hartman warns those celebrating with fireworks should always keep a watch on children even when handling sparklers.

"One of the biggest things is keeping fireworks out of the hands of children about 26% of injuries are kids under the age of 15," says Hartman.

Sparkler burns can reach at almost 2000 degrees according to Hartman, that temperature is hot enough to melt some types of metal.

"Oftentimes you see kids run around with them, they can slip and fall and land on top of that firework or swing them in their hands and cause eye injuries," says Hartman.

John Norris of Uncle Norm's Fireworks says one of the best tips to give is a simple one...to be aware of what you're doing.

"Common sense is the simplest thing to keep your backyard display safe," says Norris.

To avoid injuries while setting fireworks yourself follow these tips.

  • Layout a plan before you shop
  • Have common sense
  • Wear safety glasses
  • Have a designated firework's person/ don't drink and set off fireworks
  • Be aware of your surroundings, people, houses/depending on type of firework a 50 mile radius away
  • Keep a garden hose nearby or a couple of buckets with water
  • Don't try to relight it if it doesn't go off or stops mid through...leave it for 30 minutes and hose it down let it sit overnight and throw it away
  • Only sparklers are made to be held, all others should be set and lit on a flat surface and walk away quickly
  • Always supervise children