Update: Struggling Clinton, IA homeless shelter gets enough donations to pay staff and bills

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Update: Leaders at the Victory Center Rescue Mission say they are no longer struggling financially, as of June 26th.

Leaders with the center said they are "proud to say we are no longer in a financial crisis and the six-thousand dollar utility bill has been paid in full and all staff were able to receive their wages."

On their Facebook page, the Victory Center posts daily needs, asking the community to help keep them running.



CLINTON, Iowa-- Everyday the Victory Center Rescue  Mission is packed with hungry people and helping hands.

Employee Jeremiah Mussmann, has only been working at the homeless shelter for seven months but he says everyone there feels like family.

"It's bar none the most gratifying job I've ever had. I was blessed with an amazing family they're here locally ....and I just try to give back the blessing I've been given," says Mussman.

However starting Friday,  June 23, it is a job he will have to do for free until further notice.

The Victory Center has seen a steady decline in donations from the public with in the last year. According to the shelter's founder, last year between January and May, the center received $81,000 in donations. This year the shelter has received around $51,000 so far.

Although the difference is not enough to close Victory Center Rescue Mission, the financial hardship is forcing them to cut the staff pay roll until the center can get caught up on the bills.

Right now the Center needs $6,000 to pay for utilities, and they are asking the public for help.

Executive and Founder, Ray Gimenez say giving back to shelters like his is the furthest from people's minds this summer,

"This is vacation time, it's after school. People think about those things and they forget that we are here. I think that's one of the (problems, but another problem) is people are really suffering financially and they are very careful (with their money)," says Gimenez.

Employees like Jeremiah, are paying the price.

"It takes from our finances personally. We have cell phone bills, we have bills like every other human being, it's just now we don't have an income," says Mussmann.

Even if the center can raise the money to pay the utilities, it still would not be enough to pay employees.

Mussmann says he just plans to ride out the tough times as long as he can.

To learn how you can donate to Victory Center Rescue Mission CLICK HERE.