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Iowa Supreme Court upholds decision in Muscatine traffic camera case

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MUSCATINE, Iowa — The Iowa Supreme Court has issued a ruling that upholds the Iowa Department of Transportation’s authority to order the removal of automated traffic-enforcement cameras.

According to the Muscatine Journal, the court denied Muscatine’s request for the continuance of issuing ¬†traffic tickets from the camera at the intersection of Highway 61 and University Drive.

This is the second ruling in the case.

A state judge made the same ruling in April of this year.

The initial decision came in response to a request for judicial review filed by Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Muscatine in 2015.

The cities argued that the DOT was infringing on their ability to self-govern.

Muscatine officials say the city stopped issuing tickets in May of this year and must keep the camera turned off until a final verdict is reached.

The ruling does not affect any other cameras used at intersections in Muscatine.