Governor Rauner calling on lawmakers to come together on eve of special session

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SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Lawmakers are heading back to Springfield for a special session.

In the room where President Lincoln gave his 'House Divided' speech, Governor Bruce Rauner stood asking lawmakers to come together.

"Right now, our state is in real crisis," said Governor Rauner.

That crisis is the state has gone two years without a budget.

On the eve of a special session, Governor Rauner is asking the Democrats to back a plan introduced last week by the Republicans.

"It moves us to middle ground on key issues.  It is truly balanced. It funds schools, higher education, and human services," said Governor Rauner.

The proposal allows for a limited tax increase, but only if it comes with a four-year property tax freeze and term limits for lawmakers.

Many Democrats aren't buying it.

"Governor Rauner, your actions speak louder than your rhetoric. After more than 700 days of blocking compromise, it`s up to you to prove that you are finally ready to put the needs of Illinois families ahead of political games," said State Rep. Greg Harris (D) Chicago.

Lawmakers have until late next week to try to pass a budget before the fiscal year ends.

"Failure to act may cause permanent damage to our state that will take years to overcome," said Governor Rauner.

No budget puts projects in limbo. Moline's Planning and Development Director says no budget agreement could put the brakes on the John Deere Road construction project.

"With the project shutting down, it just delays the final product and we'll hopeful they'll get it resolved so we can keep that project moving," said Ray Forsythe.

Last year lawmakers agreed to a short-term spending plan, but Republicans said they won't agree to one this time around.