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Judges choose a new voice behind Rudy from QC’s Rudy’s Tacos

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DAVENPORT-- This little guy is a figure everyone knows around town.

"Rudy has been around since the early 70s. He's an icon in the Quad Cities," says Natalie Linville-Mass.

We see him on every Rudy's Tacos restaurant. But more often than not, we hear him in the Rudy's Tacos jingle.

But the voice of Rudy is retiring, and it's time for someone new to step up to the plate.

"I imagine him as being younger, have a little more excitement, just a partier," says Linville-Mass who is judging the Rudy competition.

In front of a panel of judges, potential Rudy's got up, grabbed some liquid courage and took the microphone to give their best Rudy's impersonation.

Dozens tried out, but only one was crowned the new Rudy's Tacos voice, Deondre Graves.

Graves is from Davenport, and judges say they chose him because of his voice versatility and his creative delivery. Graves won a $50 Rudy's gift card and will start recording commercials as the new voice soon.