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Graduating high school seniors walk through elementary school hallways before walking the stage

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ROCK ISLAND--  Rock Island High school seniors are taking another important walk before they walk across the stage.

They traveled over to Denkman on June 1st  so elementary students could get a glimpse of what could be their future.

It's a five-year tradition called Clap Out, where students cheer on the graduating class that once walked the same halls they did.

"I can remember when I was walking the halls, running to class, talking to teachers about my future and now it`s like actually happening I'm actually graduating," says Pearson Kerchner a soon to be graduate.

Elementary students lined down the hallways to cheer on the graduates, except for the sixth graders, as they were marching right behind the seniors.

"Its been pretty cool because we get to see what it would be like possibly for us when we graduate...and like what we get to wear like the caps and gowns," says sixth grader Lily Derudder.

They once walked in their shoes through the same hallways, classrooms, maybe even ate the same lunch food and gave students advice from their past experiences.

"Dream big and don`t set the bar low cause anything is possible if you just put your mind to it," says Kerchner.

"Stay motivated.I know that school can get boring sometimes but you need to persevere through it," says graduating senior Kylie Wymer.

And showed the elementary students how far they've come and what they can achieve if students put their minds to it.

"I think it`s an influence for some because then they can see how they will be like when they graduate," says sixth grader Ashton Anderson.