Chef Scott: Linguine with Clams and Mussels

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Bettendorf – Why not make your own elegant dinner?

"You know, many of you think you must go out to have a luxurious seafood dinner," says Chef Brad Scott, director of Scott Community College's Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management program.

"Well, it's so easy and it's one pot cooking," he adds.

You might think a seafood dinner at home can't match what you get at a restaurant.

"The Quad Cities is quite lucky: they're flying in fresh seafood every day," says Chef Scott.

"So go to your fish monger at HyVee or Great Midwest and tell him you want some clams and mussels but be very careful: you don't want to use ones that are already open.  That means they are dead."

"So pitch those," he adds.

Chef Scott says he likes to see clams already brushed off,  washed and closed up.

"Same with the mussel.  Take a scrub brush and wash them off and rinse them off and they'll be ready to go."

1.  Add 3 Tbsp butter to a plan
2.  Add 2 Tbsp garlic
3.  Add 1 Tbsp fresh cilantro
4.  Add assorted vegetables: onions, peppers, and celery
5.  Stir in clams and mussels
6.  Add 3 cups white wine (be careful of flames)
7.  After four minutes, add linguine to the mix
8.  Add 1 Tbsp capers (for taste, optional)
9.  Let cook for two minutes

"This is a relatively cheap dish for seafood," says Chef Scott.

"I think I probably have nine bucks in this and this will easily serve two."

Pour juice over the top.

"A luxurious meal at home: linguini with clams, mussels in a garlic wine sauce."