Burlington changing ordinance to keep use of fireworks illegal

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BURLINGTON - In Iowa, it is now legal to sell fireworks but some cities are restricting the way people are allowed to use them.

"I think it`s great because it`s gonna help with taxes being local people are gonna stay more in Iowa to buy them then go across the border," said Kirsty Teeters, Lost Bear Coffee.

In the city of Burlington it's been illegal to set off fireworks and the city plans to keep it that way by updating it's ordinance, but with the sale being legal it may cause some confusion.

"There will be a lot of interesting stories that we`ll hear and I don`t know how they`re actually gonna enforce the law and maintain it," said Teeters.

Burlington Police Chief Doug Beaird said it won't be easy to enforce.

"It`s gonna be difficult and it's been difficult in the past, I mean 4th of July there's a certain percentage of the people that are gonna set off fireworks, whether it's the law or whether it isn't," said Beaird.

The police department also expects an increase in 'shots fired' calls with people being confused about what they're hearing.

"If you think it was a gun shot we`re gonna respond to that and we`re not just gonna send one car, that is now priority number one," said Beaird.

The department will do it's best to enforce the law.

"Always on those holiday weekends we have extra personal on hand we`ll hire overtime for those events," said Beaird.

To help keep the use of fireworks down the city is also holding a block party on the 900 block of Maple Street that includes a cookout, basketball and going to a fireworks show at the end.