Direct flights to Punta Gorda via Allegiant returning this fall

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MOLINE — Snowbirds from around the Quad Cities region got a piece of good news Wednesday, with the Quad City International Airport announcing that after a year’s hiatus, Allegiant Airlines flights between Moline and Punta Gorda, Florida, will resume this fall.

The direct flights to southwest Florida via Allegiant began in the autumn of 2013, but were discontinued last fall and winter.

“We are aware of how strongly the passengers from our regional area missed this service when it wasn’t available,” said QCI director of aviation Bruce Carter. “We are extremely pleased that Allegiant has worked with us to ensure this service would return to serve our passengers on a seasonal basis from the Quad Cities and surrounding areas. We know that the snowbirds use this convenient service, as well as their friends and family who like to visit them. We are happy to announce that once again, travelers can fly from the Quad Cities.”

Allegiant flights are available for booking all five non-stop destinations from the Quad Cities through February 13, 2018, at Travelers may also contact their travel agent or the airline.

The twice-weekly flights were available seasonally in fall and winter months. In 2016, the seasonality was reduced to February-April, 2016.

“We are excited to return our affordable, nonstop flights between the Quad Cities and Southwest Florida,” said Lukas Johnson, Allegiant senior vice president of commercial. “We’re excited to give Quad City travelers an ultra-affordable way to enjoy everything the Fort Myers area has to offer.”