City of Keokuk to take Rhythm City barge downstream

KEOKUK, Iowa - The city of Keokuk has decided to take the Rhythm City Casino barge that sits along the Davenport riverfront.

"The barge is gonna cost a dollar," said Keokuk Mayor Tom Marion.

The city decided to take the barge because they've been wanting to develop the riverfront and saw this as a perfect opportunity.

To get the 30,000 square foot barge downstream it's going to cost between $300,000 and $400,000.

"We`re taking our money out of hotel/motel tax, so it`s not coming out of any other entity that would pave streets or anything else," said Marion.

The city is looking to make the barge into multi-space use, some ideas are a brewery and meeting space.

"There`s several options, one of the things is some individuals here in Keokuk have restaurants and they've indicated a desire to maybe open a restaurant in it," said Marion.

Once everything is finalized with Rhythm City, the hope is to get the barge downstream by the end of June.