QC festival rocks out to raise awareness for ovarian cancer

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A quad city festival is rocking out to raise awareness about ovarian cancer.

The event Girl Parts Fest  took place at the river music experience in davenport.
It featured bands, visual artists and kid's activities.

According to the centers for disease control and prevention nearly 20 thousand women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year.

Organizers say the main goal is to inform women about the dangers of gynecological cancers.

"There are really 2 goals to this event one is to get people to get started to think especially women about their reproductive system and the cancers that can occur down there," says Jodie Kavensky, organizer and founder of the Norma Leah Ovarian Cancer organization.

She founded the organization after her mother and aunt were diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Kavensky since then has made it her mission to inform women about getting tested and checked for any signs of gynecological cancers.