Prom dress style and what can be seen as taking it too far

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MOLINE - Hundreds of high school students around the Quad Cities are heading to prom this weekend and while most would agree that seeing all of the different dresses is one of the best parts, some styles can be seen as too risque.

At Special Effects Fashion Boutique, owner Cindy Breecher has seen all types of dresses throughout the years.

"You see the wide range of the way people think, it`s one extreme to another and a whole lot of in-between," said Breecher.

With so much variety, she's come across a dress or two that can be seen as inappropriate.

"There's a few designers that have made dresses that slit all the way up to the waist, I didn't buy the dress," said Breecher.

Schools have followed suit with changes of their own.

"The school`s have gotten much more strict on the girls and we as retailers have handed that information over to the manufacturers," said Breecher.

Still, the dress codes don't stop some, including parents, from choosing a dress that shows a lot of skin.

"It`s cut low on the hip, it`s got the waist band and then it`s cut high on the sides," said Breecher.

But at Special Effects they don't see that happen often.

"More girls cover than those who want to expose their bodies," said Breecher.