GMQC Today: This Was NO April Fool’s Joke, Cool Prom Stories, & An Animal On Tinder

If you didn’t watch Good Morning Quad Cities on Thursday, April 27th, here is what you missed:

We thought our fancy new weather computer was playing a joke on us, when Eric did his weather at 5am and noticed this:

Little did we know, it was true… SNOW in LATE April! Eric explains how that’s even possible here.

Meanwhile, Jon and I get the honor of bringing you “What’s Trending?” every morning on GMQC and today, like every day, did not disappoint. I can’t believe what’s going to be sold on Amazon tomorrow, the new Starbucks drink inspired by that Unicorn thing, and this girl’s incredible prom dress:

If that’s not enough Prom News for you, check out this story by News 8’s Elizabeth Wadas of a 78-year-old in the Quad Cities who went to her very first prom last night.

Oh, and there’s a rhino on Tinder… but there’s a REALLY good reason why:

We’ll see you tomorrow!