Small businesses in Davenport on high alert after fake money scam

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DAVENPORT-- General manager, Nicole Dangelser is keeping a sharp eye on the money coming into the FieldHouse bar and restaurant at NorthPark Mall in Davenport.

'They are making counterfeit money so realistic looking that it is very hard to catch and if you`re busy and you go through a lot of it`s just one of those things that it could be over looked .' 12 9:49-10:01

She says overlooking money is a mistake she can afford to make, especially with reports of fake money popping up around town.

Davenport police confirmed Marco's pizza's off Kimberly and Division street received a fake 100 dollar bill after making a few deliveries last Friday. They say same person or group of people responsible, may have called the Great Wall on Locust street for Chinese takeout, hours later.

Both restaurants were forced to eat the cost.

For small businesses like the FieldHouse, putting in the extra work to make sure the money coming in is real, is not a problem but they can only do so much, especially when dealing with deliveries.

“You would have to basically either put the money detectors in every vehicle that is going to make deliveries for you which is astronomically unrealistic financially,” says Dangelser.

Davenport police say they have not seen an increase in the area for these types of scams. They’ve since submitted the fake money to the secret service who will conduct a joint investigation.