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Fight ‘garlic breath’ with these 3 foods

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Garlic is a powerful food that holds many health benefits, but also has a powerful smell that wards off more than just vampires.

According to Authority Nutrition, garlic has been known to combat colds, reduce blood pressure, improve bone health, and much more. Despite the good things, many are turned away because of the smell. In fact, The Journal of Food Science says “garlic breath” can last almost an entire day.

The Journal of Food Science says you can minimize “garlic breath” if you eat certain foods afterward. Here’s the list:

  • Raw apple
  • Raw lettuce
  • Mint leaves

other foods the can minimize the smell, but aren’t as effective are:

  • Apple juice
  • Mint juice

So bottom line, embrace the garlic, and keep some raw lettuce handy so you can feel free to socialize after eating your healthy dinner.

Here are some recipes that embrace garlic:

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