Ongoing nuisance complaints in Burlington has the city looking for help

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BURLINGTON, Iowa - There's a home in Burlington that the code inspector keeps coming back to.

"It`s been a frequent issue since I started working for the city," said city code inspector Matt Anemell. "It`s not the cleanest right now but considering the piles of trash that it used to have, it`s a lot better."

Already in 2017 the city has had to clean up the yard. But it was far from the only one. The city gets around 1,800 complaints each year.

It's a notice that gets put on the property owners door, that indicates how long they have to clean up their yard before the city hires a contractor to fix it.

"With our current staffing levels, having two inspectors that deal with all the nuisances and all the rentals in the community, just haven't had the time or man power to deal with everything," said Eric Tysland, Development and Parks Director.

With more paperwork added to the list of complaints it's been hard to keep up.

"Dealing with some of the paperwork on the front and back end but also some of the chronic nuisance violators that we know every 2 or 3 weeks," said Tysland.

The city has approval to hire a part-time nuisance worker and for Anemell, he is ready to get another helping hand and crack down on repeat offenders.

"That's the goal you know keep things looking nice," said Anemell.

If the city hires a contractor to clean up the yard the property owner is charged for the service and an extra fee from the city.