‘Town That Garbage Built’ for sale in Pennsylvania for $1.5 million

REDUCTION, Pa. (AP) — “The Town That Garbage Built” is up for sale.

A family that has owned the Village of Reduction in Pennsylvania for nearly 70 years has decided to divest itself of the 75-acre property. The $1.5 million asking price includes farmland, 19 single-family homes and a 1914 one-room schoolhouse.

The village was once home to about 400 employees of the American Reduction Company. The company operated a plant that processed tons of garbage a day from Pittsburgh, before the city opened its own facility in 1936.

The current owner’s father bought the property in 1948 for $10,000. The property was once described in a newspaper headline as “The Town That Garbage Built.”

About 60 people still live in the village, and most say they prefer to stay put.