Some Davenport residents still without power more than a week after storms tore through


DAVENPORT, Iowa - On March 6th severe storms ripped through Northwest Davenport, leaving many without power, more than a week later some residents at Patriot Mobile Home Park are still without power.

"After eight days, after somebody has been through a tornado, they would come out and help us but they just don't seem to care, they really just don't," said Michelle Taylor.

The only power source heating one room of Taylor's home is a generator, borrowed from a friend.

"We're out of funds now, we are buying $20 worth of gas everyday for the generator, for us to live," said Taylor.

Most of the homes in the park had power restored, except for the ones where the park owns the electricity poles.

"We're totally in disarray because we can't do anything without water, heat, electricity." said Taylor.

News 8 spoke with the manager of the park who declined to go on camera.

He said he's been looking but it could be months before he finds an electrician to fix the poles.

For Taylor, not knowing when she could have power is disheartening.

"I just want to cry because I want some heat and I want to get my house back in order," said Taylor.

Until it can get fixed she has to try and live without power.