NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: Prepping for St. Patrick’s Day

Yeah, we know... we're a week early, but what's better than ONE St. Patrick's Day "Nailed It Or Failed It" Segments? That's right - TWO! Also, next week's is going to be a little extra special for a certain someone's birthday... and I'll just leave it at that!

We haven't done any food-related crafts lately, so I thought we would go down that route this week. I also wanted to find something that was affordable and fun. That's how I discovered these Shamrock Pretzels from the blog, The Spruce. All you need is a bag of mini pretzels and some green-colored candy melts, which you can find at any craft store (I got mine at Hobby Lobby because I wanted to use my weekly 40% off coupon - no shame!).

I tested these out last night and they were super easy - easier than I thought actually. The finished product was really cool - just make sure you smooth out the coating before you pop them in the fridge so they come out looking nice and clean.

As is tradition, I also made the guys a cocktail to go along with our craft. I found the Kiss Me I'm Irish Cocktail on Party City's website, of all places. You may want to play around with the proportions - it's VERY sour for some tastes!