Daytrotter Downs 2017 features 14 locals among dozens of bands


Dozens of bands from all over are gathering in the Quad Cities March 3rd and 4th for the Daytrotter Downs 2017 music festival. The music ranges from rock and hiphop genres to soul, folk, and everything in between.

Keep an eye on these 14 local bands:

  • Ren Edstrand
  • The Velies
  • Chrash
  • The Dawn
  • Subatlantic
  • The Last Glimpse -- previously featured on Studio 8
  • Mountain Swallower
  • Archeress
  • Just Let Go!
  • Closet Witch
  • Grandfather Confusion
  • Liv Carrow
  • Pulsing
  • Xavy Rusan

The festival, put on by Daytrotter and River Music Experience, is open to all ages and tickets are available for $55 for a 2-day pass or $30 for a single day pass. Click here for more information.