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Davenport moves forward to merge Parks and Levee commissions

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Davenport's most valuable property is protected by its Levee Improvement Commission, but tonight alderman looked into a move to combine the work of that commission with its parks board.

While several people wonder what the future of the Davenport riverfront will be like, some are worried about the future of the group overseeing riverfront development.

Davenport Mayor Frank Klipsch is floating the idea to combine two groups into one efficient 11 member advisory board, the Davenport Levee Commission and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

"The idea of bringing them together is to have all the alderman having a representative on this new board, still giving all the powers that the levee commission had, make sure all those powers and check and balances are in place," said Mayor Klipsch.

However, supporters of an independent levee commission worry that the group will lose its powerful influence on the riverfront.

One group wanted more time, more discussion, but they lost. When it came down to a vote, Mayor Klipsch broke the tie by voting not to table the item. That was followed by the council's six to four vote to move forward with the idea.

"What you guys did tonight was slap every citizen in this town in the face by not slowing this thing down," said one man from the public.

It's not a done deal yet, the issues gets two more readings before the city council makes a final decision to support or reject the merger.